Friday, December 14, 2007

Suburban Democrat Wants You - Dead

I try not to wander over to the pit of ignorance that is Ellen's Tenth... due to the fact that like petulant, spoiled third-graders they bring nothing to the table. Well the head dip Ellen Beth Gill has another in what must be an unending string of boring posts that blame Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) for everything bad that has ever happened to anybody Ellen has ever met, and her psoriasis. Only joking about the possible psoriasis, that may be the one thing that Ellen has not blamed on Congressman Kirk.

In this post from Wednesday I asked:

How many people should die in order for some of our fellow countrymen to not feel any discomfort? Would the allegedly virtuous among us trade the lives of the murdered Cantor Fitzgerald employees in order to make themselves feel better about themselves? How about the murdered employees of Marsh McLennan? How about the murdered employees of AON Insurance? How about the lives of the WTC janitors and support staff? How about the lives of all of those courageous firemen? How about the lives of the murdered Pentagon employees?

In that post I stated that the strange Democratic leader Harry Reid supported protecting those who would murder Americans in order to make himself and his fellow travelers feel more righteous about themselves. I guess that Ellen and her crew have been feeling a wee bit down about themselves lately (well, not just lately) and they need to buck themselves up by supporting terrorists. Lovely people.

While reading the drivel that passes for insight up in Ellen's hell it struck me that those folks have absolutely no clue concerning strategy of any sort. Not really a shock but notable. What are those people willing to do to protect Americans? Well, if we catch the culprits after they kill Americans the Democrats may be willing to make you pay for the terrorist's lawyers. Are they willing to make a terrorist uncomfortable for 35 seconds? No. Screw you. And screw yours.

Last week I wrote a few posts on the disgraceful Democratic Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias who ripped off an 83 year-old woman who did not qualify financially for the $1 million mortgage (as he admitted under cross examination), could not fill out a mortgage application while using a mortgage scam run through his family bank with the help of convicted mobsters. The mobsters have felony records including bookmaking, prostitution and one of them had been convicted twice of bank fraud. Mr. Giannoulias claimed "I know nothing" repeatedly in court. That strains credibility unless the Broadway Bank of Chicago is in the business of making loans to 83 year-old ladies and their mobbed-up associates in order to perpetrate frauds. Additionally the pompous Mr. Giannoulias was elected with the help of "squeaky clean" Barack Obama. Where is Ellen when her friends, with the help of their mob associates are ripping off senior citizens with mortgage scams and getting elected to public office with the help of Barack Obama? The last linked post even includes a Barack Obama commercial for the mortgage scam artist. Where is Ellen? Nowhere, that's where she is, nowhere.

She's a real nowhere girl
Living in her nowhere world
Making all her nowhere plans
For nobody

But I digress. This is the Democratic world in a nutshell: they will endanger your life and the lives of your friends and relatives so that they don't have to accept the world as it is. That might shatter their carefully crafted world of delusion. They live in a fantasy world where everything is wonderful except for that evil Bush (Kirk) who brought all of this Islamo-fascism to the world. If it weren't for Bush (Kirk) those jihadists would be making beautiful rugs for orphanages around this wonderful world of ours. Additionally the mortgage problems that we have been experiencing during the last year are the fault of Bush (Kirk). You know, he (they) own(s) property so it must be his (their) fault. The mortgage problems really, really, really have nothing to do with mortgage scams and frauds run by Democratic leaders. Heaven Forbid.

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Blogger Publia said...

Those who blame Rep. Kirk, and the millions more who blame President Bush for all their problems are a bizarre lot. And what about this drivel that Republicans lie all the time? These people live in some fantasy parallel universe where personal responsibility for changing their circumstances is simply unheard of. And what of Democrats? Polls say the Congress is more unpopular than the President.

Are these people are just cranks? Or is it worse? Are they fellow travelers who seek revolution to cleanse the country of everyone they don't like? Nothing personal, mind you, just hating you for what you believe or how you vote. I have read in their comments what they say to those who disagree with them, but I am pretty sure given half a chance, their answer would be "re-education camps."

That Ellen is a piece of work. She is mean to her commenters and self-righteous to boot. Reminds us that most "liberals" don't have a liberal bone in their body. Venom and hatred are their watchwords, and I should imagine that if enough of them are elected they will bring back the guillotine.

8:27 AM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Hey Publia,
I wish I knew. I did write a post last August that touched on the issue of what the left of the Democratic Party has become.

Like you I just don't know.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Publia said...

That was a great post and I loved the comment of the couple from China. I had forgotten about the revolutionary idealism of Barack's minister, however, something that maybe should be revisited in coming days?

9:45 PM  

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