Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Cougar At 4th and Linden?

What the heck is going on up in the North Shore? Flying Debris noted a cougar sighting up near the Wisconsin border last month but in spite of the lakefront being a freeway for wildlife, in my lifetime I have never heard of a cougar as far south in Chiago's suburbs as Wilmette. Publia of the Wilmette blog has reported on a cougar sighting near the 4th and Linden CTA el stop. Sure it's a few blocks from the lake but come on it's an el stop. Publia helpfully reminds her readers to not let their dogs out to investigate large cats, good advice! An acquaintance of mine watched a mountain lion take his 45-50 lb. dog by her neck, leap over a 4-foot fence and head up into the mountains never to be seen again. Let's face it, those cats drag deer carcasses up into trees. Advice to joggers, be careful when you tie your shoelaces in places like the Peter Jans Golf Course, near the 4th and Linden and the Central Ave. (Evanston) CTA el stops. A crouching person is a great target for cats, they like to attack from above their target, especially near dawn and dusk.

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