Tuesday, April 08, 2008

35 Seconds Over the World Trade Center - pt. 2

In this post from last year I commented on the then recently revealed information that the US had waterboarded 3 terrorist for about 35 seconds each. Some clown from CNN went on air yesterday to equivocate that action with the Khmer Rouge's (Cambodian) government's murder of 2 million Cambodians. Here is a simple math exercise for CNN"s Christiane Amanapour: the terminal velocity of a skydiver without an open parachute is about 55 meters per second and the two World Trade Center buildings were 415 and 417 meters high, the question for Ms. Armapor and her colleagues at CNN is simple, how many Americans hit the ground after leaping to their death from the burning World Trade Center in the time that it took to break the 3 waterboarded Islamic terrorists? Having watched CNN I think that I should help them with the math, almost 4 2/3 Americans were killed in the time that it took to break each of the three terrorists who were waterboarded. I will submit that outside of our nation's newsrooms (and Sharia law) there is no such thing as two-thirds of a person so it is reasonable to round that number off. Five Americans hit the ground of the World Trade Center Plaza in the time that it took to break each of the three murderous terrorists by making them uncomfortable. That is a total (non rounded-off) of almost 14 murdered Americans in the time that it took to break all three of the healthy, LIVING, briefly uncomfortable Islamic terrorists.

To paraphrase Davy Crockett, CNN can go to hell, I'm going to Texas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mrs. Sandberg's Strap-On

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Blogger El Rider said...

Once again, well stated by Mrs. Sanberg;s, uhm, you know.

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