Saturday, April 22, 2006

Left Wing Culture of Corruption Protests Against Free Speech

The UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) campus held a job fair that included, gasp, military recruiters earlier this month. This offense got 200 Californians to head on over to UCSC to demand that the recruiters not speak to UCSC students. As seems to often be the case with those who demand the end of others right to speak, they included the usual hooded and masked clowns and the usual heavy dose of self-righteousness. That is 200 people protesting, probably not all students, out of a student body of 13,170. The 200 estimate comes from the protest organizers. Photos of the protest can be found here; as a warning, do not publish them, Little Green Footballs got a stern but misinformed letter concerning the use of their not so flattering photos.


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