Monday, May 14, 2007

Even Worse Than the Cheese Curtain?

Photo by (AFP)

The Gateway Pundit has a report from the Gaza Strip that includes the above photo of some sort of disaffected youth in a St. Louis Rams shirt. As I read the post I thought, well at least it’s not a Bears shirt. The Gateway guy must’ve known that NFL fans from other cities would take some humor (and some relief, like mine) in the Rams shirt because he compared the Palestinian nonsense to the Bears/Packers rivalry. Now I will admit to getting a few chuckles over the comment but it really isn’t fair, after all Muslims generally don’t drink. The Bear/Packer feud is not only fueled by the usual neighborly football rivalry but also by copious amounts of alcohol, mostly liquor; it’s easier to get some Jack Daniels into the stands than a few six packs. One of my favorite stories from the rivalry was reported by the Chicago Tribune as follows:

November 14, 1995

In the old days, it was tar and feathers

Several Bears football fans reportedly took out their anger over the Sunday loss
to the Green Bay Packers by duct-taping a packer fan to a stop sign.

The unidentified man (later identified as Beak ed.) was forcibly removed from KC’s Cabin on IL. Hwy 173 in Spring Grove by the Bears fans and taped to the sign along
with a placard above his head that read “Packers Fan”, according to Police

Police said the man apparently was “dogging” the Bear fans
about the Packers’ victory, and that the man, who was cut loose from the
signpost by a police officer, did not wish to sign a complaint.

Sadly, if all they had was duct tape, the Palestinians would build duct-tape bombs.

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