Thursday, August 02, 2007

Action Jackson Jr. - the Thug

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is once again showing his intellectual oats. When confronted on his nonsense he inarticulately threatened Rep. Lee Terry (R-Ne) physically. Last night Jackson stated on the floor of the House that "Republicans can't be trusted"; coming from a Chicago Democrat that is simply way too rich. I am a life-long Chicagoan and will state categorically that the local Democratic politicians can not be trusted and that they are not the least bit honest. Unfortunately many of the rank and file Democrats are exactly the same way.

For years my fellow Chicagoans of the Democratic persuasion bragged that they had helped to steal the 1960 Presidential election for John F Kennedy, they stopped at about 4:00 AM the day after the 2000 election as it would appear a bit unseemly to be bragging about stealing elections at a time that the Democrats were attempting to steal an election. The Democrats control this city and the state of Illinois and the place is a disgrace. The IOUs that are piling up in this state are massive and I don't care what anybody says the Chicago area is still booming. so why all of the local and state governments here are going broke is somewhat of a, mystery.

This type of physical intimidation is just part and parcel of the Democratic Party, think Teamsters. The fantastic Tribune columnist John Kass calls congressman Jackson's father Jesse Sr. "the King of Beers" because Jesse Sr. had threatened Anheuser-Busch with a nation-wide boycott, until low and behold, Anheuser awarded two of the Jackson children an Anheuser-Busch distributorship on the North Side of Chicago; think the Loop, the Near North Side, Rush St., Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville and Wrigley Field. A Hispanic woman owned the distributorship before she was run out by Anheuser and there was never a call for a boycott against Anheuser. It also notable that when Jesse Sr. ran for President it came out that one of the Jackson children had loaned about $20,000 to a cocaine dealer in California and the Jackson's claimed that the son was simply "lending" the money to the cocaine dealer in order to help the cocaine dealer buy a used Alfa Romeo automobile. As any well read American could tell you, if there is anything that cocaine dealers are short of it is not US currency! They and their honest and trustable Democratic cohorts expected us to believe that big-time California cocaine dealers have no need to launder currency because they don't have any. Most cocaine dealers take credit cards I guess. So yeh one of the Jackson children had some sort of financial arrangement with a California cocaine dealer when he worked on the floor of one of Chicago's exchanges; I was on a trading floor back then and I can tell you that there was a lot of cocaine use among certain rich young traders and it was rumored at the time that one of the Jackson children was dealing. I have no personal knowledge of those rumors and have no idea whether or not they were true; the Alfa thing has always made me wonder.

As far as threatening people they don't like I have a wonderful story from an old family friend. My friend was returning to Chicago O'Hare and sitting in first class when a stewardess asked him to move to coach for a VIP. My friend was ill and not anxious to move, in fact he got the first class ticket due to his illness. The gentleman in question asked who the VIP was and was told that it was Jesse Jackson Sr.; his response was that he would never move for Mr. Jackson because Jackson is dirty. This comment was overheard by a Jackson body guard who repeatedly demanded that my friend go to Mr. Jackson and apologize (Jackson was out of earshot), which my friend refused to do. The bodyguard then threatened my friend for his refusal and said that he would see my friend on the ground. Well luckily for my friend the flight attendants noticed the threats and notified the O'Hare tower who then notified the Chicago Police who were waiting at the gate. On his way off of the plane my friend was further threatened by the contingent of Jackson bodyguards who were promptly lead away (but not arrested) by the Chicago Police. That is how the Jackson family operates. That is how fascists and gangbangers operate, the Democratic Party should be ashamed of having those thugs as such a prominent symbol of their party.

Update: I just remembered another vote stealing instance for the Democratic Party and it involved Jesse Jackson Sr. I will never forget watching the Democratic National Convention in Miami during the summer of 1972 in our den with my Democratic parents. We watched my parent's primary votes stolen on national television. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party was still mad at old man (Mayor) Daley and decided to punish him by refusing to seat the Illinois delegation. Instead they sat a delegation presented by Jesse Jackson Sr. and Operation PUSH. Operation PUSH had run their own polls in black areas around the state and that was the delegation that was sat by the Democratic Party. We lived in a white community so my parents had no way to vote in or even register for Jesse's, ahem, "election". My parents votes, votes taken in a legal state sanctioned and overseen election were ignored and thrown away by the Democratic Party 35 years ago, the same summer that many of us first witnessed the thugs of Islam when they turned up at the Munich Olympics.

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