Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cubs Hose Season Ticket Holders

I split a season ticket package for the Chicago Cubs with three other guys, we have a night and weekend series which contains 52 of the 81 home games. We collectively gave the Cubs and their parent company the Tribune Corp. about $9000 last year to secure the season worth of tickets. We just received our post-season tickets and the Cubs chose not to sell us one set of tickets for the NLCS and one set of tickets for the World Series. The tickets arrived one day after the local papers reported that the Cubs are selling face value post season tickets to each and every game to every corrupt local politician from Alderman on up. It may be worth noting that there may be a handful of Republicans in that group, there is only one Republican Alderman in Chicago. Of course the way that the Cubs are playing it really won't matter too much.

It is worth noting that the Cubs have their own ticket scalping operation and that individual game tickets have become scarcer at the box office as a result.

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Blogger Publia said...

Which goes to show you that the average Rich Guy in Chicago still isn't good enough for the Cubbies. TV anyone? This sports stuff in Chicago won't change until the fans refuse to put up with this any longer. Heck, I could go to London if I wanted to be treated like a member of the unwashed. We don't have titles here, but somehow we have let far snobbery prevail. This is Chicago, land of Everyman, and its time we put our foot down. Whatever happened to treating the paying guests well?

4:27 AM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Well you know I never really consider myself an average guy...
but point well taken. So here is what we have: Division Series ticket Home Games 1,2 & 3, National League Series Home Games 1 & 3, World Series Games 4 & 5, plus a Tiebreaker ticket. So we are missing NLCS Home Game #2 and World Series game #3, the AL won the All Star Game so they get the home field advantage. The cost for Upper Deck Box (Row 8 between the Cubs dugout and the Bullpen)? NL Tiebreaker $48, Division Series $55 each, National League Championship $75 each, World Series $190 each (ouch!). We have payed that and even if they play only one Home Game (God Forbid!) the balance is credited to next year.

As to the boycotting of lousy teams that has happened to the Blackhawks and the Bulls and to some extent, other than the Season Ticket plans the Bears, Cubs and Sox. Sure they fill the place during the weekends but those April and September games depend on a decent team and take my word for it, there have been times during recent years when you couldn't give Bears tickets away, literally.

When I grew up my father had Bears season tickets and at some point he was no longer going to games and I was in a position to both go to games but use the tickets for business purposes, so it was natural to take over the tickets. Since that time I have always figured that if I have children I never want to overhear, "yeh, Dad had Bear tickets but he gave them up! Can you believe that?" The Cubs tickets are used for business and are great but the price of the package has doubled in the past seven years while the number of games have gone up by about 25%, they made both night and weekend games from May until Labor Day "Premium Price Days".

The problem is really with the Tribune Corp. The paper, once described by John Belushi as "tha fascist paper from Chicago" is really indicative of the Cubs and Wrigley. I lived within a block of Wrigley Field for a long time including nearly a decade directly across the street, so maybe the discussion deserves it's own post. Go Cubs!

10:42 PM  
Blogger jacqueline said...

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