Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadineja Visits Bar in Greenwich Village

Sep. 24 New York. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadineja visited popular Greenwich Village gay club the Dugout this evening in order to "discover" the gay culture that he claims is absent in Iran. Iranian officials told members of the international press that Ahmadineja wanted to "experience all that the west has to offer" and that apparently included some sort of "experimenting" while visiting the Christopher Street hot spot. Patrons of the club said that the Iranian leader was involved in "some sort of scuffle" in the saloon's expansive bathroom. Rumors even swept the establishment that Ahmadineja was involved in a bathroom sex episode. When asked about the charges by the press the Iranian leader yelled to press scrum "I no gay, he blow me!"

Warning: The above is satire.

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