Friday, November 16, 2007

Sid Viscous Working For Hilary Again!

Sid "Viscous" Blumenthal is back working for the Clintons. Mr. Blumenthal, a former Chicagoan is known as a very dishonest man. Mr. Blumenthal was even taken to task for lying to the Grand Jury investigating the Monica Lewinski case. Check this out:

And keep in mind he said all of this after he told the Grand Jury that Monica Lewinsky was a stalker. He said this after he had come out of the Grand Jury room and lied about what they asked him. The lies were good and convenient for columnists like Anthony Lewis and Frank Rich to solidify the case that Starr is an extra-constitutional monster or some other gobbledygook. But they were lies and even the Grand Jury foreperson said so to his face.

Back on June 25, 1998 Mr. Blumenthal appeared before the Lewinski Grand Jury for a third time when the Grand Jury Forewoman said the following:

“We’re very concerned about the fact that during your last visit that an inaccurate representation of the events that happened was retold on the steps of the courthouse.”

The fact that Hilary Clinton has hired a man who the entire world knows (those of us who remember anyways) is a contemptible liar is no real surprise, her name is Hilary Clinton after all.

Update: Let's not forget that Blumenthal was accused of perjury by his former friend Christopher Hitchens. Let's also not forget that Hilary has also hired the despicable Sandy Berger. Happy Days Are Here Again...

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