Friday, November 16, 2007

Lake County Dem Uses Dead "Voters"

The excellent new blog Team America's Tenth District Blog has been covering politics in Lake County Illinois and the northern part of Cook County. The proprietor, TA has helped to discover and has written about the Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Party and his use of deceased voters on his latest nominating petitions. Terry Link is an Illinois State Senator and the Chairman of the Democrats up in Lake County.

As a life-long resident of Cook County, a long-time resident of the city of Chicago and an observer of Chicago politics since about the age of five when my father was a Democratic Precinct Captain on the city's West Side, I must say that this is nothing new for the local Democratic parties. Many local Democrats bragged about their abilities to cheat and steal elections until about 4:00 AM of the day following the 2000 election. I guess that it appeared unseemly to brag about stealing elections while they were trying to steal an election. It has been at least six years, a week and a few days since I have heard a local Democrat brag about "stealing" the 1960 Presidential election for John F. Kennedy.

This election dishonesty could be a much larger problem. Professor Reynolds at Instapundit linked to this very interesting paper by U. of Tennessee Law School Associate Professor Jennifer Hendricks on the subject of and likely legality of the National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation that is in front of a number of state legislatures, it has passed in Illinois. The NPV legislation would bind the Electoral College votes of signature states to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, state voters be damned. The biggest problem with this electoral scheme is people like Mr. Link. Imagine how many votes that Democrats could steal in the most populated cities if it guaranteed them the White House. If some Democrats will use the deceased on petitions that are so likely to be inspected what would people like that do during the confusion of an election day?

I have long been a supporter of the Electoral College and over the years I have found that some people are vociferously against the Electoral College, the subject makes some of the the anti-Electoral College group downright angry. I have also found that when those anti-Electoral College folks discuss the subject they describe those of us who are pro-Electoral College as being from a political party other than their own. Before the 2000 election I was accused of being a member of the Democratic Party by Republicans and since 2000 I have been described as a member of the Republican Party by Democrats. Go figure.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Link has people who died on his petitions, Jan Schakowsky's husband is in federal prison for income tax evasion and Bobby Rush's son has a no show job working for Cook County.

At least Gov. Blagojevich is going a great job...

7:18 PM  

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