Sunday, November 18, 2007

If You Have to Steal a Vehicle - Avoid Anything With a Trailer - UPDATE

I was just walking through Chicago's West Lincoln Park a few minutes ago when I came across this scene, a guy stole a truck with a trailer on it, got in to a Police chase and ran in to a Toyota at the intersection of Ashland and Wrightwood. From the number of cops on the scene I'm going to figure that this may not work out so well for the car thief.

Correction: the red car is a Dodge Avenger

Copyright for the photos: Flying Debris

UPDATE: Well the story was stranger than I thought, a guy was trying to steal a Bobcat from a construction site north of Wrightwood, that is why he had a trailer, I also just missed him attmpting to drag people out of cars, plus I missed helping the cops pin the guy down. Check out this Sun Times story:

As an officer got the man out of the Bobcat, the man shoved the officer, jumped into his pickup truck and tried to speed off down an alley in the 2800 block of North Ashland Avenue. A squad car blocked the south entrance of the alley so the man sped north, plowing into the front end of another squad car, the lieutenant said.

The squad car sustained “extensive damage” when it was rammed out onto West Wolfram Street about 100 feet.

After ramming the squad car, the truck took off south down Ashland Avenue.

Two officers were “shaken up” and were taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

One officer was able to get out of the squad car and pursue the truck on foot. Another squad car saw the officer, picked him up and continued the pursuit, the lieutenant said.

The truck was slowed down by increasing traffic with the squad car about two blocks behind, so the man tried to go through a red light at Ashland and Wrightwood avenues, but he T-boned one car and slammed head-on into another car. The first car sustained extensive damage.

The man then got out of the truck and tried to pull someone out of a car to steal it, but the person fought back and the man moved onto another car. A second person resisted the man’s efforts, and the squad car was able to catch up to the man.

The man aggressively tried to stop the two officers from handcuffing him, but with the help of four civilians, the officers took the man down to the ground and handcuff him, according to the lieutenant.

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