Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vector Back to Sell Stock?

The Autoblog has the announcement that Vector Motors will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a new car, the Vector Avtech WX8. The Vector company is still run by Gerald Weigert, the man who brought us the original few Vector automobiles. I met Mr. Weigert years ago at the Chicago Auto Show as he was trying to sell the stock in an earlier iteration of Vector with an earlier auto as the bait. He was selling stock in the company through a penny stock firm that later went down in the flames of fraud. An acquaintance worked at that penny stock firm, I saw him at the Auto Show with Weigert and that is how I met Mr. Weigert. I never had the impression that Mr. Weigert was building an auto or an auto company, I thought that he was selling stock. Watch for that this week in Los Angeles. Gentleman, you've been warned.

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