Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10th Anniversary of Frank Sinatra's Death

Well, it's been ten years since the death of ol' Blue Eyes, the Great Frank Sinatra. My mother was a Sinatra fan as a teenager so his music, on thick vinyl LPs, was in the cabinet full of records in our home and they found their way onto our turntable. I guess that there is only so much Peter and the Wolf that a mom (and a kid, maybe) can listen to. When I was a college DJ I always tried to slip some Sinatra into my mix of seventies aor: Grateful Dead, Dave Mason, Sex Pistols,Frank Sinatra, Ramones, Jefferson Airplane, Staple Singers, Allman Brothers...

Frank Sinatra said that one of his favorite songs was My Kind of Town and just listen to him sing it, the song showcases his voice and abilities. It is also a great Chicago song, "each time I leave Chicago is, tuggin my sleeve, Chicago is..."

RIP Frank Sinatra.

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