Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Cougar Sighted in Chicago!

CBS2 Chicago has reported on another cougar sighting within the city limits, this time at Lawrence and California Avenues in the Ravenswood neighborhood. That would be the second cougar sighting in Chicago this year and the second in the city's history. It is also worth noting that like last month's Chicago cougar, this one was spotted very close to the North Branch of the Chicago River, the river banks in the Ravenswood area are well wooded and there is a very large park south of there between Montrose, Irving Park, California and the river. Many of the "experts" in the media stated that the first cougar travelled via railroad tracks, in this post I stated that the cat likely followed the river, this latest sighting strengthens my opinion that these cats are travelling through the city by way of the river banks.

This is not the Change that I was Hoping for.

Hat Tip: Anne at the Backyard Conservative.

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