Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Threat to the Electoral College – Congratulations Colorado

Even for those who think that the Electoral College is unfair I believe that most think that it should be abolished through our constitutional system. Not that wacky John Anderson (R-IL) and his buddies. Mr. Anderson was a Congressman who lost in the 1980 Republican Presidential primaries so he ran in the general election against Carter and Reagan as an Independent. Anderson and his pals have a plan to get the state legislatures of a number of large states to enact legislation that would force their electoral votes to be cast for the winner of the national popular vote. Great, these folks are still so unhinged over 2000 that they are willing to throw our Federalist system overboard in a snit. They have already gotten the Colorado legislature to go along with this nonsense. Congratulations Colorado, Florida now has part of your Presidential vote.

The National Review Online’s Tara Ross wrote a great article on this subject just the other day.

Hat Tip: Powerline News Blog of the Week Betsy’s Page


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