Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fun I Missed!

A few weeks later the blogger gets back to the keyboard! My excuses? Many. I started out preparing for an hour-long final show on the Main Stage at Second City Chicago after spending a year at the Second City Training Center's year-long Improv Program. In addition to that show and watching the pathetic Chicago Cubs during their post-season swoon I had a guest in town. An old girlfriend came to Chicago and stayed with me for a week. She lives outside of Boulder, Co., so as you the reader can only imagine we approach the world very differently. That's the beauty of America, a neo-con and a neo-hippy can be best of friends and actually talk about our world. However a few more weeks out of the mountains could actually be therapeutic for her.

While I was otherwise busy some of the usual nonsense of the blog world continued, including the fact that Ellen Beth Gill, the lawyer who writes Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District (blah, blah, blah) Blog (Flying Debris discussed her blog here and here) has banned comments from those pesky people who disagree with her and her fellow North Shore Democrats. I was given the heads-up on the issue by Team America, an occasional commenter here and a regular commenter over at Ellen's place, he has been banned and low and behold, so had your humble correspondent. Well Team America has decided not to take this affront laying down and he has started Team America's Tenth District Blog. From what I could discern from his comments and the first few posts he is a sharp and sharp witted Republican lawyer from Lake County, IL. What is it with all of those legal bloggers anyways?

As a self described moderate Republican I would expect Team America to cover the upcoming campaign of my childhood friend Rep. Mark Kirk (IL-10), a Republican moderate who has flown missions over Iraq as a Reservist while serving in Congress. Mark's last opponent Dan Seals, the son of Bear great and former Board of Trade member George Seals has been running again since last June, Mr. Seals has been running for office rather than working for a few years now. His father George Seals is a great guy, when I was just starting out on the floor of the Board of Trade I darted out of a pit into an aisle right as George Seals, the former Bear offensive guard was running to the soybean pit (it was less than a minute before the markets opened), those who know me in person also know that even as a young man I was going to lose to the former Bear. I picked myself up and went on to do whatever I was in such a hurry to do, Mr. Seals never broke stride. I knew that I was in the wrong, I didn't look when I jumped out of the pit but George Seals later came over to apologize and make sure that I was in one piece (I told him that it was my fault and that although I ached a little bit it was a real experience to be run over by a Bear), he is one of those real class acts. I hope that his son follows his father's lead this time around as far as his campaign goes, last year's version was not exactly a high point for the Democratic Party.

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Blogger Team America said...

Thanks for the plug, El Rider- I do expect to have a lot of stuff on the Kirk campaign in the coming months- maybe some exclusives, certainly a lot of commentary and analysis.

Small world, but I worked at the Board of Trade as a runner (for Shearson) between college and law school. I ran mostly to the ten year bond pit, but if George Seals was there at that time, I did not know him by name, but a remember a very tall and broad African-American man who used to stand right next to the stairway that led up and then down into the pit. I recall that every time I ran up the stairs, this man's elbow was just about at the same height as my head, so I had to be very careful that I didn't get jacked in the head while he and the other traders were flailing their arms around. Funny- I'd forgotten all about that- small world.

I decided I couldn't hack the trading life and went and hid in law school for a few years. It's what many people with few practical skills (but opinionated, nonetheless) often find themselves doing....

9:12 PM  
Blogger Team America said...

El Rider- in my lurking on Ellen tonight, I noticed that of the week's postings, by far the most popular is the one on Footlik v. Seals fundraising (those Footlik supporters sure have a friend in Ellen, huh?). In that post, which is at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=5663711&postID=4778094785621442444
(hopefully that can be cut and pasted),
Ellen notes that she is now monitoring comments because "one commentor in particular" started getting particularly vicious and apparently scared Ellen with the virulence of his attacks(!)

Well, we know that at least TWO commentors (TA and El Rider) have been blocked, not just one. Moreover, Ellen started blocking some very basic, normal and substantive comments on the issue of the day. I never got "personal" with her, except to tell her she was pathetic for espousing freedom of speech but then blocking it. But she blocked that as well.

No, Ellen is either in deep denial or just a petty liar. Maybe both.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see there are still some moderate Republicans left back on the north shore and that Kirk is working the district hard.

I for one can't wait for the democratic primary bloodbath and to see whether Jay Footlik moves out of the district if he loses the primary.

4:49 PM  

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