Friday, December 21, 2007

I Know a Ron Paul Fundraiser...

...and boy does he fit the mold. A mutual friend informed me that the guy had become a "substantial" fund raiser for America's Crazy Uncle, Ron Paul. This should not have taken me by surprise but I didn't realize that the guy in question was at all political. The news should not have taken me by surprise because although the man is a nice guy and I enjoy his company he can be a nutcase. Although I could write an entire post on his foolish actions I will only mention one eight day period, on one Friday afternoon he was arrested for public drunkenness after throwing-up on a Chicago Policewoman at the Taste of Chicago, the following Friday afternoon he was arrested for exposing himself on the EL after leaving the Taste of Chicago. Obviously beer was involved. As mentioned above I could go on and I could even include funny photos but I believe that the above eight days should suffice.

When our mutual friend was telling me that news on the trading floor a guy with a Ron Paul button overheard us and started going on about how Ron Paul was going to set us free or some such nonsense. However the kicker was when he announced with a flourish that when Ron Paul "gets elected" that they will "blow-up that building across the street!" Well the building across the street from the Chicago Board of Trade is the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (I don't think that he was referring to the Union League Club of Chicago) and he wants it blown up because Ron Paul and his supporters have been advocating junking the Federal Reserve System and going on some sort of gold standard. The Ron Paul supporter went on to say that "they have been ripping us off!" The gold standard is something that must make sense to economically unsophisticated people as those are the only ones who seem to advocate it. I have yet to meet a Ron Paul supporter whom I could respect but maybe there is one out there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh the shame of having one of these creatures in the family.


11:08 AM  
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