Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fascist Names Time of the Year!

Well, I got that headline wrong, or did I? The lame and often juvenile Time Magazine named Vladamir Putin as their Person of the Year. They screwed up, General Petraeus was the Real Man of the Year, along with his troops. What Time and their ilk have missed is the fact that much of human history has been spent fighting against tyranny of one sort or another. 1776 was, up to that time, the very high-water mark for freedom, ever. This fight against tyranny is still taking place today, everywhere from Saigon to Baghdad to Tehran to America's Democratic Party.

In light of this fight against tyranny Time Magazine has decided that the most important man of the last year was one who expanded tyranny rather General Petraeus, the man who has led a force that has heroically fought against tyranny and currently has tyranny on the run. I guess that I should thank Time for regularly reminding me why I stopped reading their silly magazine back in high school.

Flying Debris commented on the creepy little Putin in Blitzen Challenges Putin to Reindeer Games. I would take Blitzen over the scrawny little Putin any day.

Time Magazine Betrayed Us!

Petraeus a Real Man of the Year for Real Men!

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