Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day Rememberance - the Victims of Communism

Here is a post dedicated to some of the millions of victims of the communist and socialist scourge. It is no coincidence that Karl Marx wrote his disgusting (and dull) nonsense at a time when chattel slavery was falling into disrepute. The new "boss" is the same as the old "boss". It also is not coincidental that the same types of people who fought against Lincoln and for slavery a century and half ago are now agitating for communism, same as the old "boss".

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Anonymous FGFM said...

Thanks for once again confirming that you are an idiot. Stick to buying those rough rice one-lots.

Address of the International Working Men's Association to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America

Written: by Marx between November 22 & 29, 1864

We congratulate the American people upon your re-election by a large majority. If resistance to the Slave Power was the reserved watchword of your first election, the triumphant war cry of your re-election is Death to Slavery.

8:45 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Words, words, words, words, look at the results of his words - defacto slavery. And by the way, some of those "rough rice one-lots" were worth $23,000 when I sold out a week ago Wednesday evening, not too bad for "an idiot". So fg, how much did you capture from any of these historic moves that we have witnessed?

7:09 AM  

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