Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Muslim Swine Have Attacked Jews In Copenhagen

Now they are attacking Jews in Europe. Will the Western "progressive" (read: regressive) clowns ever wake up? This article describes these thugs as "Arab youths".

The fantastic Gateway Pundit has the story.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Senator Burris?

That's what is being reported, that Blagojevich will appoint Roland Burris as the junior US Senator from Illinois this afternoon. It takes some pressure off of Blagojevich and nobody is likely to object too strenuously, except maybe the Jackson family.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

He's Not Whining About OJ Simpson

*It is shocking, just shocking to see such Jew hatred from a Muslim, in New York City no less.*
*Sarcasm Alert*
Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here is one that reminds us how far animation has come, Hardrock, Coco and Joe:

Hat tip: the Chicagoist

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Blago Talks - Dems Twist In Wind

 This has got to be killing the Democratic politicians of Illinois. The guy who knows where a lot of skeletons are buried is in a vice and he is being squeezed. Publicly they want him gone but privately they are probably donating to his legal defense. They don't want him saying nothing to nobody.

 Humorously Blagojevich started out his press conference today by stating that "I will fight. I will fight. I will fight until I take my last breath." Listening to that opening and knowing how "with-it" pop culture-wise Blagojevich is (well, from a time when Elvis was the King) I wasn't sure if Hot Rod was riffing on Pat O'Brien in Knute Rockne All American as a shout-out to the Daley family or if he was about to announce his allegiance to the Jets from West Side Story. Here is the press conference:


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Caroline Kennedy - Aided by the Corrupt Daley Machine

As the nation's political conversation turns to the idea of Caroline Kennedy as the appointed US Senator from New York it is important to remember how she got to this point. It is very simple, she was born into consideration. The only reason that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is being considered for anything beyond art critic or legal associate is that her father was once President. It should be remembered that the only reason her father, John F Kennedy became President is that he was aided and abetted by vote fraud that was famously run by the Chicago Daley Machine. The Daley Machine is also the reason that Rod Blagojevich is currently the Governor of Illinois.

Beyond the fact that her entire life has been defined by the results of a dirty vote fraud in Chicago what does this woman think that she will bring to the table to help the State of New York? The Kennedy family has shown a lifetime of entitlement for generations and this is just more of the same for that family. I have to wonder, is Michael Skakel busy? It is almost riotous that members of the Democratic Party want the New York Senate seat to be occupied by a completely inexperienced woman with historic ties to the Chicago Daley Machine and its vote fraud activities.

On the other hand, like Steve Goodman's You Never Even Call by My Name she may be the perfect Democrtaic candidate for New York state, she is after all: the daughter of man who gained the pinacle of US politics with the help of the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine, her uncle, a US Senator killed a woman while DUI, one cousin murdered a neighbor while high, another cousin ran into a DC barricade while DUI, another cousin was killed when he ran into a tree while SUI (skiing uinder the influence), she worked at an art museum, she has worked at the family library, she attended Radcliffe, she is a lawyer. If this is the best that New York can do then it is little more than a backwater, possum stew and all.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Mankiw Gives Obama Some Good Advice....

...On tax policy and tax multipliers. Here is a piece of the Harvard Prof's advice:

My advice to Team Obama: Do not be intellectually bound by the textbook Keynesian model. Be prepared to recognize that the world is vastly more complicated than the one we describe in ec 10. In particular, empirical studies that do not impose the restrictions of Keynesian theory suggest that you might get more bang for the buck with tax cuts than spending hikes.

The rest of the post can be found here.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

UAW Kills Bill

 The UAW has refused to make any wage or benefit concessions and the deal fell apart in the Senate. Unbelievable, what planet is the UAW living on?


Hong Kong Government Confirms Bird Flu

The deadly H5N1 Bird Flu has been confirmed at a poultry farm in Hong Kong. The Dow Jones story is here.

Copyright (c) 2008 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

04:31 121108 HONG KONG (AFP)--Hong Kong's government confirmed Thursday that the deadlyH5N1 bird flu virus was found at a poultry farm, the first outbreak on a farm in the territory in nearly six years. "We have identified the virus as H5N1 this afternoon following a series of tests," said a spokeswoman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and ConservationDepartment.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Patti Blagojevich: "Hold up that f***ing Cubs s***"

The Sun Times has the quote. Patti is the Governor's wife and daughter of North Side Chicago Alderman Richard Mell. For years we have heard stories concerning Patti Blagojevich's realty business and its involvement with local political fixers. Blagojevich has campaigned as a Cub fan and occasionally showed up at Wrigley Field.

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Thank You Cook County Democrats

In 1998 the corrupt politicians who run this state had their guy for Governor, George Ryan. George Ryan is an extremely nice guy but his time as Secretary of State was marked by corruption. The winner of the 1998 Democratic Primary was then Downstate Congressman Glenn Poshard who went on to lose to then Republican Secretary of State Ryan. Poshard lost because he did not get real support from the Democrats of Chicago, Ryan would play - Poshard wouldn't. When Blagojevich's troubles seemed to deepen almost two years ago, suddenly one of this state's few politicians whom the public views as reform-minded, Poshard the current President of Southern Illinois University came under attack as a plagiarizer, for a then 23 year-old dissertation. If the Chicago Democratic Machine had supported the Democratic candidate for Governor ten years ago we would not today have a former Governor in prison and the sitting Governor indicted for: attempting to sell a United States Senate seat, shaking down Children's Memorial Hospital, attempting to shake down the Chicago Tribune and on some level, attempting to shake down the Chicago Cubs. For this we can thank the Democrats of Chicago. Was the Senate Candidate #5 part of the government's investigation or just another local politician?

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Impeach Blagojevich - Now!

How did the sun go down on Illinois today with Rod Blagojevich sitting in the Governor's chair? And who the hell is Candidate #5? Mort Kondracke just mentioned Mark Kirk (IL-10) as a possible Senate candidate, wow.

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Democratic Illinois Governor In Jail!

And it's about time. The scumbag Rod "Pizza Boy" Blagojevich (his last private sector (read: real) job was delivering pizza) has been thrown in jail and I hear that they had him cuffed. Democrat Blagojevich has been accused of soliciting bribes to influence his decision to name President-Elect Obama's Senate replacement. He was also attempting to get a Cabinet position, he attempted to get more business for his wife and he attempted to get members of the Chicago Tribune's Editorial Board fired. So far I've only heard radio reports however here is a report from the Hill. The Democratic Culture of Corruption continues apace here in Obama's Blue State Illinois.

Here is a Tribune story.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy birthday Iceman

There is not much good that I have to say about the Cook County Board but I will state that one of it's members is one of the world's greatest singers. Scott Johnson of Powerline wrote a great post on Jerry "the Iceman" Butler's 69th Birthday. Happy Birthday Iceman.

Butler, who legally changed his name to reflect "the Iceman" on political ballots has been a member of the Cook County Board since 1985 and as his Wikipedia entry notes, he voted for the notorious Cook County sales tax increase legislation of 2008. Here he is in December of 2007 singing his 1960 hit He Will Break Your Heart:

The Powerline post includes a great video of Only the Strong Survive.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday December 7, 1941

I once asked my mother about her recollections of December 7, 1941 and she related how she heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her family lived in Oak Park, it was less than a week before her seventh birthday and she was riding home from Sunday afternoon supper at the home of one of her Aunts in her father's Cadillac (one of his best friend's was in GM's Cadillac Division). The news announcement came over the radio as they drove north on Oak Park Ave. and she said that her parents were shaken, her father had to pull the car over while her mother broke down in tears.

My mother had a few uncles who went overseas including one who "flew the hump" and one who fought under Patton in Europe. I'll never forget the German Luger that one of my Great Uncles came home with. My Grandparents probably didn't think of it that afternoon but rationing was just about to start, those old War Ration Books can put that aspect of war time in perspective for us who did not live through it. Just about everything was rationed, gasoline and rubber were on top that ration list meaning that automobile use was very low. My mother has told the story of two older sisters who lived together in Oak Park who owned a very early electric car, because it did not use gas and it used hard rubber tires those two ladies were about the only people out on the roads of Oak Park until after the war. She said that you could walk down North Avenue and one of the few cars that you might see was that old electric carrying two elderly women in their driving hats, what an image.
Update: The Sun Times has an interesting timeline of the day's reporting from Chicago:
CHICAGO HISTORY MUSEUM Yellowed dispatches spell out how city reacted that fateful day
December 7, 2008
Sixty-seven years ago, Pearl Harbor erupted in flames.
In Chicago, another, much smaller fire was breaking out at the hands of the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941. At the Japanese Consulate at 435 N. Michigan, officials frantically burned official papers as reporters shouted questions.
» Click to enlarge image
An employee of the Japanese Consulate here destroys documents on Dec. 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. (Sun-Times file)
"I believe the bombing of Honolulu was a mistake,'' the Chicago consul, Kihachiro Ohmori, told them. "Personally, I bear no malice toward the United States.''

That account is included in a fascinating file in the research library of the Chicago History Museum -- a yellowing, 108-page collection, held together with a single copper clip, of the day's dispatches by the City News Bureau, the former local wire service. The collection begins with the humdrum details of Chicago: A tool-grinder is shot at 3940 W. Madison; a car accident occurs at 140th and Torrence.
The first mention of the Pearl Harbor attack comes at 3:25 p.m. -- a report that the head of the local Army intelligence office was en route to his office and that the FBI had no comment. Then:
5:33 p.m.: Bulletin: The Japanese consul is at his office.
5:43 p.m.: Local military officials gather at the downtown post office.
5:57 p.m.: Consul Ohmori responds "no" to the question, "Do you think Japan will win?" He also answers "no" when asked, "Do you think the United States will win?"
6:16 p.m.: Army Pvt. Edward Lesniewski, 22, of 10648 Ewing, home from Hawaii on furlough, says, "I don't think the Japanese caught us entirely by surprise. We've been training for such a situation too long.''
6:45 p.m.: Navy Rear Adm. John Downes said Great Lakes naval training station is ready. "The Navy has been preparing for any eventuality for many months. ... We have been attacked. We have but one recourse.''
6:47 p.m.: John M. Landers, AWOL from the Army, turns himself in to police at the Warren Avenue station, saying, "I want to go back" and fight the Japanese.
7:06 p.m.: Police Commissioner James P. Allman orders officers to guard "all institutions that may be subject to sabotage such as water, gas and electric plants.''
7:30 p.m.: Allman orders that all Japanese "meeting places" be closed.
7:52 p.m.: At a servicemen's club at 176 W. Washington, Martin Rich, 21, of Miami, declares, "We'll kick their teeth in.''
8:10 p.m.: Berry T. Ono, owner of two Japanese gift shops in Chicago, says the Japanese people back home don't want to fight, but "the military faction which is in power is pushing the country into a war that will bring it to ruin.''
8:38 p.m.: Police close Japanese Congregational Church, 214 W. Oak.
8:53 p.m.: Brig. Gen. John Clinnin, commander of the Illinois Reserve Militia, predicts the war will unify America: "Now there will be no racial or color discrimination. We're all in this together.''
9:05 p.m.: Local military recruiting officers say they are receiving hundreds of inquiries.
9:52 p.m.: Chicago Mayor Edward J. Kelly calls the Japanese "godless gangsters." Says Kelly: "They have forced the fight; they must take the consequences. Chicago is prepared and coordinated for this greatest of all crisis.''
10:10 p.m.: Four windows are smashed at Oriental Trading Co., 4133 W. Madison. "If they intend to take out their grudge on Japan by breaking out my windows, I'll just have to bear it,'' says the store owner. "I really don't blame them.''
11:25 p.m.: "Faith will carry us through this crisis,'' Justin W. Nixon of Colgate-Rochester Divinity School tells the Chicago Evening Club at Orchestra Hall.
Midnight: Officials say they will prevent saboteurs from derailing L lines "but declined to state the exact nature of those precautions.'' Federal authorities order railroads and bus lines to sell no tickets to Japanese.

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