Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dems Deem Illinois 10th Dumb

How else to explain this ridiculous internet ad. The Democrats have cherry picked votes during Congressman Mark Kirk's (R-IL) years in the House to produce a commercial that states that Mark is bad for the military. By "cherry picking" I mean that certain bills may be voted against due to the fact that there is a better bill in the hopper that covers the same issue or the bill may simply not be a good bill for any number of (pork laden?) reasons. I also seem to recall an obscure issue some years back in which the VA didn't spend all of it's funds from the previous budget year and those left-over funds were counted as part of the then current budget year; I'm not sure if that is the issue that the Dems have going in this ad or not. I do not have time to investigate their citations this morning but I will do so next week.

The first problem with telling people that Mark is bad for the military is that he is actually, you know, in the military. Yes Congressman Kirk is an intelligence officer in the Naval Reserves, he is a Lieutenant on an AWACS plane and he has been flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan as a sitting congressman. The guy being run by the Dems for the 10th District Illinois is Dan Seals. Mr. Seals lost to Mark less than 8 months ago, yet he announced his candidacy for that seat a few weeks ago. Mr. Seals ran last year as a "retired" thirty-something banker who lived outside of the district. Now I have no idea whether or not Mr. Seals has actually moved to the 10th district but this ad campaign is ridiculous. The Democrats are running this military themed ad in support of a guy who hasn't even worked for a good portion of this century and against a congressman who has been flying missions over Iraq.

If it matters I attended Joseph Sears School and New Trier East High School with Mark and consider him a smart, well rounded, level-headed guy, in fact much more level headed than your humble (ed. what?) correspondent. Mark is an impressive guy, at Christmas time the year that we got out of college I ran in to him on the El, I was just starting out on my journey through the Chicago Board of Trade as a bottom of the ladder runner. Mark on the other hand was living in London and working for a Member of Parliament. Mark was always like that, smart enough to open doors and savvy enough to do something with those openings. I was not surprised when I heard that Mark had joined the Reserves, they need sharp people too.

The 10th District of Illinois is a moderating, formerly heavily Republican district that has been represented by moderates for decades, Mark is a continuation of that moderateness but even in that very wealthy and well educated Midwestern district the folks on the left side of the spectrum have started to demand the liberal purity often demanded on the coasts. Last year I was surprised to hear some previously relatively moderate Democrats describe Mark as a "lap-dog to Bush". Having not even attended medical school I would shy away from some sort of diagnosis but it did sound a lot like Bush Derangement Syndrome. The Democrat's latest internet ad takes full advantage of some willingness on the part of the left to believe rhetoric over reality. I mean come on, the Dems want the people of the 10th to believe that the guy who would be good for the military is the one who was likely seated at the "kitchen table" in Charlie Trotter's at the same time that the sitting congressman who is supposedly bad for the military was doing 10 hour shifts in an AWACS plane over Iraq. Pathetic.

Big Hat Tip to Publia at the Wilmette blog, thanks for the e-mail!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blitzen Challenges Putin to "Reindeer Games"

One of Santa's famed reindeer, Blitzen has challenged Russian leader Vladimir Putin to a series of Reindeer Games this summer. Calling Putin a "sick, sick old man" and an "utter loser" Blitzen reacted to Putin's new claim on the North Pole. As other reindeer gathered around him Blitzen stated that "Russia is just too backwards to defend themselves from us. Other than that AK-47 those losers have had to steal every bit of technology that they have ever had." The other reindeer laughed and called Putin names, an old standby up at the North Pole. Blitzen went on to state that he had first met "that little shit" on the Island of Unwanted Toys, an Arctic Circle island, and that he could take Putin "in anything." He pointed out that Putin is a "pallid weaselly little man" who "can't even ride the bike that Santa gave him years ago." At the end of the press conference Blitzen stated that he had sent a message to Putin challenging him to the Reindeer Games and included his e-mail address ( and told Putin to "quit wetting your pants."

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bush Appoints Bolton as Envoy to Islamic Group

Bush spoke today to members of the Organization of Islamic Conferences at the Islamic Center of Washington and announced that he would be the first US President to appoint an envoy to the Organization. After the Presidential speech a White House spokesman affirmed rumors that the President would appoint former UN Ambassador John Bolton to the newly created post.

Warning: The above is satire. Let's face it, if Bush appointed Bolton very Democrat would be up in arms, heck they may even take up arms. Oh that's right, they loathe guns.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Democrats Dress Fascist Pigs as Donkeys!

Democratic Congress-Creatures at the Trough

Again! Last January during the very first week of the "historic" Democratic take-over of the House and Senate the Democrats made an attempt to criminalize blogging, the better to keep those pesky opinion holders from sharing some of their more pesky opinions. Today the Senate will take up a new-fangled Democratic bill to take away the rights of workers to hold a private vote concerning union representation. This is the Democratic/Union Thug Relief Act of 2007. In a bizarre effort to, ahem, "help" working people the Democrats have decided that workers should not have any right to vote in private. This is just like municipal elections here in Chicago during the not so distant past, like this decade. Think of your Democratic precinct captain going into the polling booth along with you to ensure that you only vote for the Democratic candidate. Benito Mussolini would be very, very proud.

Add to all of that Democratic fascism the new speech regulations suggested by Senators Boxer (D-Ca) and Clinton (D-NY) that have been approved of by Sen. Feinstein (D-Ca.) who said on Fox News Sunday that she was "looking at it. I remember when there was a fairness doctrine," she said, "and I think there was much more serious correct reporting to people." Let me get this straight, she thinks that there was "much more serious correct reporting" in some gilded golden age of the past? The California Senatorial delegation has some, ahem, "issues"; I blame Owsley Stanley!

It is very strange that although the Democrats use the "public airways" argument for this bit of fascist thinking, they are not complaining about the use of "public airways" by our wonderful left-wing television networks. Let's see, CBS News used fraudulent documents in an attempt to tar President Bush with a Democratic lie just 55 days before a Presidential election; but it is the radio stations that are closest to "the people" that are the real problem here. Just six months before Dan Rather's public lie the goofs at NBC News interviewed an Egyptian, ahem, "journalist" who announced that Donald Rumsfeld "is a neo-nazi". No problem there of course, all of those elites believe that Rumsfeld is a nazi of some stripe and we all know that, ahem, "journalists" from Egypt are very fair minded, right? But it really is the radio stations that we all need to control.

One of the problems here is that most Democratic politicians do not understand capitalism (otherwise they wouldn't these fascistic ideas) well enough to understand that radio station owners have to sell ads in order to stay in business and nobody, not even those liberals want to hear any more of that liberal silliness. They have their political speech federally subsidized on the radio at National Public Radio (NPR) and on television on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) but they want to take away the freedom to listen to the politics of one's choice. God Save Us All From Their Fascist Regime! (with apologies to the Sex Pistols) The Democrats will never go after their own sacred cows, subsidized or not; hell, they even want the New York Times to leak classified information to make life much more dangerous for the troops they, ahem,"support."

Senators, you can dress a fascist pig up as a donkey but it is still a fascist pig.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cameron Diaz Leaves Pol Pot Purse at Home!

Actress Cameron Diaz has offended Peruvians by being ditzy enough to wander around their country with a purse emblazoned with a Chairman Mao saying, "Serve the People". Peru of course suffered under the Maoist Shining Path insurgency during the '80s and '90s making them less receptive than the average leftist goof-ball to such murderous nonsense. The Gateway Pundit has the story.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Obama vs Bloggers

Jerid at the Buckeye State Blog just learned something about my Senator that I could have told him back in 2004, Barack Obama only wants the press around when he wants them around. Jerid went to a New Hampshire Obama event and made the mistake of telling an Obama campaign worker that he is a blogger. Wrong move Jerid.

Back in 2004 Obama initially ran against Republican Jack Ryan for the open Illinois Senate seat until Ryan dropped out of the race after intimate details about his sex life became public fodder. If it matters I went to New Trier East High School with Jack. In an unusual twist the LA Times (part of the Tribune Corp. - of Chicago) and the local ABC affiliate sued in an LA court to make sealed records of his divorce to TV star Jeri Ryan public. Both Ryans opposed the opening of the sealed records because they didn't want their son and all of his friends to be privy to the most private parts of his parent's lives. The Tribune won, Jack Ryan dropped out of the race, was replaced by Alan Keyes and now we have Senator Obama. In the weeks before the files were actually released some of my Democratic friends in the legal community knew the details of the story that was eventually released. It turns out that during a divorce hearing Jeri testified that Jack attempted to get her to go to sex clubs in New York City, New Orleans and Paris. The charges were disputed.

Jack Ryan's short campaign did feature a foreshadowing of one part of Obama's campaign style; when the Ryan campaign started to use a person with a video camera to videotape Obama the Obama campaign went bonkers complaining about the unfairness of it all. Right on schedule many in the local media started to whine about the complete and utter unfairness of it it all, the evil Republican "dirty trick" machine, the "dark meaning" of it all, etc. It was actually just a video camera although Ryan's Wikipedia page states that the videographer followed and heckled Obama with "questions", frankly it sounds like something out of a Clinton campaign. The Ryan campaign really lost an opportunity by not attacking Obama for not being prepared to live in the public eye and for making a case that he was saying different things to different audiences. There were reports that his speeches varied pretty dramatically depending on the crowd. The Ryan campaign actually submitted by pulling their camera and then the Tribune and ABC won their case.

It is also worth noting that Obama (along with my other Senator, Dick Durbin) voted for the notorious (among bloggers anyways) amendment that to a much needed ethics bill (Senate Bill 1 and House Resolution 4682) that would've forced bloggers who write about congress to register with the federal government and submit quarterly reports under threat of monetary penalties and prison. Look, if Obama is willing to put you in jail for not submitting your Form 2789 Quarter 2 Federal Web Log Registry Report then maybe he just doesn't want press that is not controlled press.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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Ron Paul, Just as Ignorant as Kucinich

Yesterday afternoon the House of Representatives voted on a resolution calling on the UN to sanction Iran over their illegal nuclear weapons program that they are using to menace their neighbors. Only two idiots were dumb enough to vote against this resolution, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Ron Paul (R-TX), two dim bulbs who are running for President in their respective parties. I wonder what the wacky "Paul-Bats" think of this latest bit of intellect from their pathetic little hero. The resolution stated the following:

"Calling on the United Nations Security Council to charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the United Nations Charter because of his calls for the destruction of the State of Israel"

Whatever is wrong with Ron Paul and his followers could probably be helped by a good psychiatrist and the logical move on to the Democratic Party.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Iranians to Get Stoned Thursday!

Okay, this isn't exactly "2 big fat joints from twenty paces at noon!" Rather it is another religious/judicial stoning death sentence over adultery. I love it that some folks expect me to see those mullahs as reasonable people. The Gateway Pundit has a great piece on Thursday's execution, apparently the holes have already been dug. Pathetic.

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Paul-Bat Found in Chicago

The Chicago Sun Times has printed a Letter to the Editors (their crappy web site won't show the Letters section despite having a link to it on the home page) from a 22 year-old Ron Paul supporter from Wheaton, IL. named Ted Bodine. The "title" in the Letters section is "Censoring Ron Paul threatens democracy; How are young people today supposed to get excited about politics?" Mr. Bodine is miffed at Mr. Paul's lack of support from the press. Mr. Bodine watched the CNN coverage of the Republican debate in Manchester, NH and was shocked at the fact that Congressman Paul got such little face time and that he was not even discussed in the post-debate coverage. Mr. Bodine went on to write that he visited a CNN message board that was dominated by his fellow Paul-Bats who had also run up the Ron Paul score in an online poll. Mr. Bodine also wrote that the message board that had been overwhelmed by Paul-Bats was later taken down by CNN and he described such an action as "censorship".

First off, Mr. Bodine needs a better education, "censorship" generally involves the government not a private enterprise like CNN. I might add that I find it shocking to defend the likes of CNN but Mr. Bodine is simply wrong on this issue, CNN may not show the Ron Paul scrum but it's not as if those Paul-Bats do not have other public outlets for their craziness. Secondly, as any reader of Charles Johnson's fantastic blog Little Green Footballs knows, the Paul supporters have been overwhelming the thoroughly unscientific internet polls to give the impression that Mr. Paul has wide spread support. The actual (ahem) scientific polls consistently show Mr. Paul as the consummate also-ran with less than 1% support. The rigging of polls has included multiple hits from the same servers that only vote for Paul. It has gotten so bad that Johnson of Little Green Footballs has included Ron Paul as a choice in numerous polls including this one from last Monday that asked "Should the Bush administration lift sanctions against the terrorists of the Fatah party?" The choices are Yes, No, Undecided and Ron Paul. Mr. Paul is currently running second with 28% of the "vote".

The fact that the Sun Times printed this half-page of nonsense gives me the impression that the editors at the Sun Times are unaware of what and who surrounds the Paul candidacy or that they want undermine the actual Republican Party by making it falsely appear that this nut-case Ron Paul has wide support in the Party. Considering that the Sun Times is an average newspaper (with a great Sports section!) in this uber blue state city I would lean towards the later with a good strong dose of the former. The silly part of all of this is that Ron Paul is in the wrong party; the guy has made common cause with the 9/11 truther nuts who believe that Bush had something to with 9/11, a nutty idea that just happens to be a Democratic cause.

For More on the nutty Ron Paul and the crazy people who are supporting his candidacy see this list of Little Green Football entries on Mr. Paul.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kirk vs the Loser - Round II

Last year Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL), a childhood friend of mine successfully defended his congressional seat against a carpetbagging Democrat named Dan Seals who lives outside of the 10th congressional district. As far as I could determine last fall Mr. Seals doesn't actually do anything, the guy is unemployed and has been out of work for a large portion of this century. The man's job is to be a Democratic candidate, like I said, he ain't working. He spent last year campaigning and the year before planning his campaign. Additionally he is another Democratic Candidate who refuses to live in his district. Last fall I wrote:

The Democrats of Chicago’s North Shore are angling to replace a man with qualifying experience with a guy who worked in a bank for ten years. Mr. Seals has spent the last year campaigning rather than working. This shows a real lack of seriousness on the part of the Democrats. Additionally one can assume that Mr. Seals is just another tool of the Chicago Democrats, and one would be correct. So if you want an empty suit who has no knowledge of our military at a time when the United States has been under attack from a new type of warfare by all means vote for the Democrat. After all, Seals was endorsed by al qaeda (as have all of the Democratic candidates). It seems that the best thing that Mr. Seals has going for him is his looks, a pretty shallow reason to vote for someone. If you want a centrist who actually understands both what is at stake and how to prosecute our defense you should vote for Mark Kirk.

Look, I know that the district is very expensive but maybe the guy could afford to live there if he, you know, got a job.

Hat Tip: I owe one big hat tip to Publia of the Wilmette blog

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72 Virgins? Let's Do It!!!!

National Lampoon has made a trailer for a possible Animal House (bottom clip) style remake, only this time the "frat house" is a jihadi "house" with a Jihad-4-Ever sign in the living room. The "frat" is "named" Alpha Qaeda and the two starring geeks who have been blackballed from all of the campus frat houses are intrigued by the possibilty of having 72 virgins. Check out the National Lampoon website to comment on the posibilty getting this movie, named 72 Virgins (trailer is on top) produced. As the late great John Belushi once said (in the Animal House clip on the bottom) "Let's DO IT!!!!"

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs

Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity and her Carnival of Insanities for inclusion again this week.

This Just Proves That Islam is Tolerant!

Nearly twenty years after Salman Rushdie first published the Satanic Verses his fellow Muslims still want to kill him. What a tolerant bunch of fellows. Plus they're now pissed because the Queen has Knighted Rushdie, I say Bully to the Queen as she fights that fascist regime! (With apologies to the Sex Pistols). The reaction of the Pakistani "religious Affairs" Minister, Ijaz-ul-Haq is typical of that sadly delusional part of the world (hello Harry Reid?), “If someone blows himself up, he will consider himself justified. How can we fight terrorism when those who commit blasphemy are rewarded by the West? We demand an apology by the British government. Their action has hurt the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims." Pathetic.

Update: Little Green Footballs has some photos of the "advanced folks" burning Rushdie in effigy. A truly lovely bunch.

Update II: Pat Santy, the brains behind the mask of Dr. Sanity also has some choice words for our pathetic muslim neighbors. Including this observation: "I don't know about you, but I don't even want to share the same species classification with them. The title of Homo sapiens is completely inappropriate." Amen honey, I would like to add something about sharing the same Planet as the deranged of the muslim world.

Update III: The Gateway Guy at the Gateway Pundit was on this story like you-know-what this morning and he has his usual thorough roundup here.

Update IV: The great Michelle Malkin is also all over this story, no surprise but always worth mentioning!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather Garbage In - Environmentalist Garbage Out?

Former TV weatherman Anthony Watts of Chico, Ca. has started a project to check on the condition of all of the 1,221 weather stations used by the NOAA. Those stations are the basis for many predictions of future weather and Watts is finding problems with many of them; they are next to parking lots, tennis courts, air conditioning units, buildings, tarmacs and even a MIG 15. One of the interesting posts notes a properly placed weather station that has not moved in 50 years, the accompanying temperature chart shows little temperature change at that location over the fifty years. Many of the offending weather stations have had notable upturns in temperature during the last few decades, in one case coinciding the construction of an apartment complex and tennis courts next to the station. Mr. Watts has put his project on at (that has crashed after an Instalaunch) to further his project and check up on the input data to these vaunted long-term computer models to predict the weather.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize on E-Bay!

Okay, it's not listed yet, but we all know that Arafat's prize will make it onto some market somewhere. Check out the Gateway Pundit for the story of Yasser's prized medal here and here.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is the Bar is More Ethical Than the Academy?

The Academy is of course our nation's professoriate, the college professors. Scott Johnson, an attorney who is one of the three legal eagles who write at the Powerline blog correctly ponders that idea in light of the disbarment of Mike Nifong and the continued silence of Duke University's "Gang of 88". The "Gang of 88" is the group of Duke professors who rhetorically convicted the indicted Duke lacrosse players and the lacrosse team as a whole. Some of the hysteria seemed to be based on an individual's opinion of "jocks" and some possible personal insecurities. Mr. Johnson reasonably expects those professors to be at least as ethical as those in his field of the law, but we all must face the fact that for some of those in the professoriate the big move was to off campus housing.

There is another example of this "moved off campus chutzpah" right in my neighborhood; some members of the professoriate at De Paul University are up in arms over the denial of tenure to academic embarrassment Normal Finkelstein.

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Audi Wins Le Mans Again

It was Audi, Peugeot, Pescarolo in Le Mans Prototype 1. Le Mans GT 1 saw the Ason Martin 009 car (no not the 007 car) beat the Ron Fellows Corvette and the Porsche 911 (997) GT3RSR of IMSA Performance beat the Ferrari 430.

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Le Mans Goes Green!

They are racing again in France, can Ron Fellows in his Corvette catch David Brabahm in his Aston Martin in eleven minutes?

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Peugeot is Back on the Circuit

The Peugeot is three laps up over the Pescarolo and they are running six minute laps under the caution. The yellow flag has hindered Ron Fellows in his Corvette from catching the Aston Martin.

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Pescarolo-Sport is 5 Laps Down!

And the Peugeot is in the garage! Can they catch up in the rain? After running for 23 hours and twenty minutes? Exciting racing over in France!

5 Laps and 39 Minutes and they are racing under the yellow flag.

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Pescarolo is Third at Le Mans!

Local (to Le Mans) racing hero Henri Pescarolo's (the linked Wikipedia entry strikes me as incomplete) Pescarolo Sport entry, a Pescarolo-Judd is in third place right now. Monsieur Pescarolo has stated that he is racing for the gasoline-based championship and he is winning; the two cars in front of his team are diesel racers, the Audi and the Peugeot 908.

Right now the Porsche 911 (997) RSR is leading its class (LMGT2) having passed the Ferrari sometime while I was asleep last night. The standings can be found here.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Raining at Le Mans

It is now raining at some sections of the 8.4 mile course. Other parts are downright sunny, what a race; an Audi diesel took the lead when one of the Peugeot 908s lost it a bit on the first lap.


Weather at Le Mans

At the start of 24 hours of Le Mans in France: 63 degrees, windy 70% chance of rain. And they're off!


24 Hours of Le Mans Starts Today!

c Side Line Sports Photography
My 911 racer did not race at Le Mans, but it's engine did!

Yes one of the world's great automobile races starts this morning, actually 3:00 this afternoon in France. The Sarthe Circuit is made up of public roads and specialty race tracks strung together in an 8+ mile loop through the French countryside. Last year the class leading Porsche 911 GTR broke down at the far end of the course from the pits and lost first place because the driver did not have a cell phone with him. At Le Mans the driver must fix the car on the circuit if he (she) can't get back to the pits, so some members of the pit crew had to go out, find the car and instruct the driver on the needed repairs while first place sped by in a Panoz; see here and here. My contemporaneous comment was, "Yep, spend $1 million plus and get stuck on the circuit without a device that is given away for free." If you've ever forgotten your cell phone at an important time you know how that driver felt.

See the race live on Speed.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Problem with International Space Station

Check out the problem here. "Houston here, OK, have you tried rebooting the thing?"


Friday, June 08, 2007

Obama on Katrina: "I Have No Clue!"

Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama (D-IL) appeared before a group of Black Clergy and spoke about the incompetence that is rife in the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans. Obama stated that "the incompetence of their administrations was colorblind. The mayor is black, the governor is white and neither administration heeded the President's call to evacuate the city of New Orleans a full two days before Katrina even hit!" The Democratic Presidential contender went on to say that "if that storm had hit New Orleans in the fashion that it hit Biloxi, Lake Pontchartrain would've inundated the city and flowed into the Mississippi River, killing most of the residents and nearly all of the town's African-Americans! To make things even worse Mayor Nagin was predicting the storm's course as doing just that and he still couldn't be bothered to save his own brothers!" Obama went on to complain about the utter incompetence of both leaders saying that "they couldn't even get the planned bus evacuation started and then the State Police proceeded to block aid from the Red Cross from even reaching the evacuees! Those Democrats are an embarrassment to the entire nation!"

Okay, I am joking. Senator Barack Obama is simply not sharp enough to figure out reality, he is after all a 45 year-old lawyer who does not even comprehend the Social Security System; Con-Law Prof indeed! The inspiration for this satirical post came from the Gateway Guy at the Gateway Pundit who linked to this FOX News story in which my senator stated that there was a "quiet riot" going on in the black community. Quiet Riot is, of course the awful Metal/Hair Band pictured above.

I must say that I have been in a category 5 Hurricane and have spent a lot of time in New Orleans, a city that sits below sea level. New Orleans has also been notorious for corruption, notably on the various Levee Control Boards. I saw the Sunday press conference in which both Nagin and Blanco stated that President Bush had urged them to evacuate the city of New Orleans on the Saturday morning before the storm. Neither of those government officials could be bothered and frankly it seemed that they were preparing to blame Bush for trying to get them to evacuate an African-American city for no reason; if by chance the storm had missed New Orleans.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Car Guy vs The Tyrants

I always get my copy of Autoweek a little bit later than most folks due to the horrific performance of the US Postal Service here in the uber-blue city of Chicago (hey, maybe we could give the USPS a hand in running national health care!). I was reading the May 28th edition when I came across this fantastic article by Steve Thompson. Actually the magazine had been sitting open on my desk for a few days and the title "Freedom in a Ferrari" sounded like just another tale of driving the latest prancing horse around the environs of Maranelo Italy. Boy was I surprised. It is an article about a chance encounter, actually a meeting of the eyes and the minds, of two car guys in Budapest Hungary circa 1980. At the time Hungary was a Soviet satellite ruled by communist dictator János Kádár.

Mr. Thompson was driving through Budapest with his government "guide"* when he spied a man outside of a "grim, Stalin era block of apartments" washing his car, a Lada. The most unusual thing about the Lada was the fact that the guy had car magazine photos of all sorts of cool cars, including a Corvette glued to his car. Now Ladas were crappy little Russian cars (a 1978 1500 is pictured above) that were forced upon the celebrated communist worker; but it was still a car. If you don't have a car a Lada is just fine, however that man's protest reminded him and showed his neighbors that other cars, in some cases unimaginable cars were out there in the great big world outside of Hungary. Mr. Thompson and the Lada owner caught each other's eye and waved as Thompson drove by in his rented Fiat, inspiring Thompson to observe twenty-seven years later that the car photos "were a declaration of war against the tyranny that demanded that he work hard for the state and not for himself and his family, in order to own not the cars he dreamed about but the car some bureaucrat decided he and his countrymen were to be allowed to own."

Thank you Mr. Thompson. Read the entire article, it is short and worth it.

Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity and her Carnival of Insanities for inclusion again this week.

*At the time Westerners, especially Americans were closely followed by regime operators whenever they traveled inside of the Soviet bloc in order to keep the truth about western economies at bay and the truths about their own countries from the world.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Imams - the "Superflys" of the Islamic World

Muslims often tell us "infidels" that they are oh so superior to us. One of their excuses is that "the Islamic world does not have prostitution." I have laughed at that one for years; ever since a former co-worker told me about his father who worked in the Mid-East for an American oil concern. Beyond stories of the general backwardness of the entire Mid-East (btw, this man was born and raised in rural Arkansas) he explained how those wonderful muslims got their freak on. They would go to the local imam with a request for an ahem, "marriage" for the evening. They of course would pay the imam for an ahem, "wedding" and then pay for an ahem, "divorce" later that evening or the following morning. So you see, there is no prostitution in islam, they call it ahem, "marriage", for all of you who wonder why Mid-East is so screwed up.

The Scotsman reported on this story yesterday and Charles Johnson of the fantastic Little Green Footballs picked up on it today in Weird Fatwa of the Day.

If you want to read a blog by a woman who understands why the Mid-East is so screwed up read the wonderful Dr. Sanity.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Midway - 65 Years Later

"SBD "Dauntless" dive bombers from USS Hornet (CV-8) approaching the burning Japanese heavy cruiser Mikuma to make the third set of attacks on her, during the Battle of Midway. Mikuma had been hit earlier by strikes from Hornet and USS Enterprise (CV-6), leaving her dead in the water and fatally damaged. Photo was enlarged from a 16mm color motion picture film. Note bombs hung beneath these planes."

Source: Wikipedia and

This evening I decided to throw the Midway DVD in the player. The battle was 65 years ago today and contained what was one of the most important 10 minutes of the twentieth century. Ens. George Gay had a front row on history while bobbing in the water after his plane was shot down. Thank God for those American Vets who helped to ensure our freedoms and lives.

For more on that momentous battle see Scylla & Charybdis. I only grazed the surface due to the fact that I was watching a movie (Midway) while writing most of this post.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Muslim Dogs Promised 72 “Ladys”

Nahr al-Bared, Lebanon – The popular local Canine Imam, Ali-Rin-Tin-Tin has been exhorting his followers with a call to “Doggie-Jihad” for months on the streets of this Palestinian refugee camp. Ali-Tin as the Doggie Imam is known, could be heard day and night extolling the beauties of Heaven and the “72 dark-eyed Ladys” waiting in Heaven for good Doggie-Jihadists. Ali-Tin’s “Mosque” is a worn out shed that has an old poster of the popular Disney cartoon dog Lady from their hit movie Lady and the Tramp placed prominently behind the “old-couch altar”. The shed has become very popular among the camp’s dogs and neighboring dogs are known to visit a broken fire hydrant out front many times a day.

Ali-Tin’s plans were put into action this week as Palestinian Jihad-Dogs attacked the front lines of the Lebanese Army outside of this refugee camp. Dogs with bombs strapped to their bodies were sent racing towards the Army lines with orders to detonate themselves by chasing their tails and yelping “Allah-Ak-Bark!” Many observers were surprised that the Doggie-Jihadists were joined in the attack by a contingent of Jihadist-Donkeys. For weeks the Nahr al-Bared camp has been rife with rumors that a Donkey-Imam was in the camp attempting to connect with local believers. The addition of the Jihadist-Donkeys gave further credence to the rumors concerning the presence of the Donkey-Imam known as Pelosi. All of the animals were easily sent to Heaven by the Lebanese troops.

Warning: The above is satire, other than the report that dogs and donkeys were sent into battle with bombs strapped to them last week.

Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit has a much more reasonable take on the use of “suicide” animals.

PETA does not yet point to this outrage in their “What’s New” section but they will link to this piece on animal abuse in Islam if you type “dogs” into their Search box.
Notice: The above image of Lady is the Copywritten property of Walt Disney Co. which has nothing to do with any satire or news reported in this post.
Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity and her Carnival of Insanities for inclusion again this week.

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