Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack Will Pay Her Mortgage?

 This is crazy. People think that they won't have to work in order to pay their mortgages and put gas in their cars, just as long as they do their part for Barack. Where do they find these people?

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Happy Halloween - "Oh Crap, A Democrat"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hillary Still Bid on Intrade

I wandered over to the Intrade site yesterday to have a look at the easily influenced Presidential Campaign markets and was surprised to see that Hillary Clinton not only had bids but had rallied yesterday (on volume of about 740,000), sure the rally was only to 1.7 but it got me thinking, surely people do not believe that Hillary will be the next President, so what's going on? Well it could be short-covering by people who had previously sold Hillary futures and if so it is likely somebody (or organized somebodies) cashing out in order to influence the Obama market this weekend and next week. We saw very strange movements in the Bush market during election day 2004 and I think that we can expect a repeat next Tuesday. Here is SNL doing Hillary, Barack and that 3 AM call:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Last Time McCain Held a Lead In a National Poll the Dow Closed at 11,022

I thought of yesterday's post as Karl Rove on FOX tonight mentioned that the last time John McCain lead in a national poll was September 25, when I looked it up the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 11,022. There certainly has been a lot going on in the financial markets beyond the American elections but the buy side certainly is looking at the policies of a potential Obama administration and backing off their bids beyond what they otherwise would have been.

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All of the Hope and the Hype is Warm-Up For the Heist

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris

The above sticker was seen last month in the trendy, liberal Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. I think that the poor guy thought that I was trying to attack his car when I took the photo, it was parked in a Walgreens lot and he wasn't happy with any attention (then don't put stickers it on your car!). In his defense the lower left corner appears that somebody has attempted to remove the sticker. He did tell me something along the lines of "all of the hope and the hype is warm-up for the heist." Amen.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HillBuzz on Race in Pennsylvania

This morning the blog Hillbuzz put up an interesting piece on the race in Pennsylvania and it's 21 electoral votes titled "Here's what we know about Pennsylvania right now."

"Tonight we spoke with a friend from Hillary Clinton’s campaign who is now working for McCain/Palin — and is specifically working with Democrats for McCain in Pennsylvania. We worked with her in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for Hillary and have spent many LONG hours with her in the trenches in all of those states. She’s smart, doesn’t BS, and never lies."

She says the same thing we do: John McCain will win Pennsylvania.

I don't know what to think about this but as they say, read it all.

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Polls Tighten - McCain & Palin Interviewed on CNBC - Stock Market Explodes!

Some of my liberal friends have told me how goofy I am for noticing that the stock market has lost value when Barack Obama's Presidential campaign rises in the polls and that stock prices have risen when Barack Obama falls in the polls. The correlation is noticeable enough for me, a grain trader to notice it. Well McCain's poll numbers tightened again today plus John McCain and Sarah Palin were interviewed together by Maria Bartiromo on CNBC today. CNBC is watched in nearly every trading office in America, it's even on the screens of televisions on exchange trading floors without the sound. The Dow Jones 30 rose 889 points today.

Maria Bartiromo also played the notorious Obama judicial redistribution tape on air yesterday. Chalk two up for Maria, she's bigger than most of the "big boys."

No video yet but it was a good day for America. Don't listen to those who state that stock traders and investors pay no heed to such ignorant Obama promises as: raising corporate taxes, raising dividend taxes, raising capital gains taxes, rewriting trade treaties to the detriment of all involved, raising overall taxes, increasing regulation, funding "community organizers" like ACORN that use their bullhorn to steal (see: ACORN's involvement in the collapse of Fannie Mae), lower defense funding in a dangerous world, a disturbing, nearly dictatorial view of opponent's free speech rights that will likely be used in the regulatory realm and I am sure that I have missed some things that the buy side of the market looks askance at.

During the rare economic discussion with my liberal friends they really can't make cogent arguments on how those policies are beneficial to the average business, I ask a very simple question: how will raising the taxes of a business give that business incentive to: hire more employees, raise the salary of their employees, increase their bonuses, give them more time off and increased family leave, give them or increase their health insurance, give them or improve their retirement plans?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Barney Frank Ad - One of This Year's Most Dishonest?

It seems hard to imagine that any ad would stand out this year but a new one by Barney Frank (D-Ma) is outrageous. Mr. Frank has had more to do with the Fannie Mae mess, one of the foundations of our current economic problems, than nearly any single person on the planet. He pushed for Fannie to make ever increasing levels of risky loans, he ran cover for the coming disaster for years by loudly attacking anybody who would dare question the financial stability of Fannie Mae. Mr. Frank currently Chairs and has long been a member of the House Financial Services Committee that oversees the now collapsed Fannie Mae. Mr. Frank even spent a decade sleeping with one of the men who designed the loans that have blown up in the face of Fannie Mae and the American tax payer. Here is the propaganda of a liar who has cost you thousands:

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Stevens Convicted

 CNBC just reported that Sen Ted Stevens (R-Ak) has been convicted on all seven counts of making false statements. What an S.O.B.


Liberal in Philadelphia Inquirer: All Whites in Pennsylvania Are Racists Who Shouldn't be Allowed to Vote

Why the Philadelphia Inquirerer decided to print the drivel from this guy is unfathomable, especially when the title is "White People Shouldn't be Allowed to Vote." Actually the name of the author's blog should have been a tip-off, Phawker. I mean sure, the article sounds like a sermon at Obama's church but it is undeniably racist. It is so bad that they had to close down comments a few hours after the column went up. The column interestingly notes that "to hear Murtha tell it, some people - specifically some people in Western Pennsylvania - will never be ready. But the fact is, if you did a statewide head count of racists, you'd find just as many in eastern Pennsylvania as you would in the western part of the state."

Got that Pennsylvania? To the liberal elite who look down their noses at you and spend their days pining for an Obama Presidency you are a bunch of ass-backward, rednecked, racist, bumpkins. Now put some shoes on and go vote Obama.

Hat Tip: Cassy at Wizbang.

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Democratic Lawyer Threatens College Media - Vee Vill Be Vatching You!

What the? Some 25 year member of the Ohio Bar from Columbus has seemingly threatened a reporter for "the College Network" after the reporter, Tiffany Wilson helped to uncover Democratic vote fraud in Ohio. Here is a description of Palestra, a media organization founded by 3 former Columbus, Ohio sports journalists.

One Thomas Louis Rosenberg of Roetzel & Andress, LPA in Columbus, Ohio sent the following to Tiffany Wilson, a Palestra reporter and a recent graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism:

From: Rosenberg, Thomas
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 2:32 PM
Subject: At least in today’s blog you spelled my last name right
To: tiffany

In other words, I am going to read what you write and watch what you say. Hopefully you will be fair and impartial as you told me you would be.

Thomas L. Rosenberg
Roetzel & Andress, LPA
Columbus, OH 43215

The above is not a translation from the "original" German, "Vee Vill Be Vatching You!" And why do I picture this man wearing a monocle?

This type of intimidation tactic, as typical as it is for the Obama campaign, is appalling. It is also what we can expect from our government during an Obama administration, those who expose the Obama administration's potential fraudulent and illegal activities will be threatened by those who otherwise "See Nutting!"

What is one to think of an attorney who insinuates that there is a need for a member of the media to appear "fair and impartial" as defined by that lawyer? What is one to think of that attorney's understanding of the First Amendment as applied to journalists? Further what is one to think of the political campaign that such a lawyer supports through this not unwritten intimidation? It is also worth noting that Tiffany's and fellow Palestra journalist Shelby Holliday's work uncovered Democratic vote fraud in the state of Ohio and this member of the Ohio State Bar Association has taken it upon himself to threaten Ms. Wilson for what one would reasonably conclude was her journalistic threat to organized Democratic vote fraud in the state of Ohio.

Watch this video (also linked above) and listen (near the end) to the tactics of the Ohio lawyers who have been involved in Democratic get out the vote efforts and the office of the Ohio Secretary of State, a Democratic supporter of Senator Obama.

Greta Van Susteren has reported the following: "UPDATE: 1:10pm — I was told the lawyer apologized to the Palestra journalist..and said he did not mean it to be an intimidation." That is rich, "he did not mean it to be an intimidation." then what did he mean it as, an editorial review? Sheesh, some of these Obama supporters are unbelievable, do they think that everybody is as ignorant as some of Obama's supporters?

By no means should this post be taken as a reason to intimidate Mr. Rosenberg or his law firm, let's leave that type of nonsense to the thugs in the Obama campaign.

Hat Tip: Jamie Wearingfool and Greta Van Susteren. Many thanks to Greta, an attorney (and Wisconsin Badger fan) who was on top of the story this morning.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

"If Barack Obama is Elected We Will Have a Crisis"

The SNL players, Darryl Hammond as Jack Murtha and Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden. Very well played gentleman.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

OBAMA, NO MERCI BEAUCOUP - Poor James and the Swamp Crows

A little Cajun Music for the weekend, watch out for them gators. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Poor James and the Swamp Crows.

Here is a statement from Poor James: I am an oddity I admit, a guy with a life long love of music, art and literature, living in the sticks in a little cabin (built with my own hands) with my girlfriend, her two horses, three dogs, three cats, plus the occassional stray who drops by for brunch, and yet... I am a right-wing conservative. How can this be you ask? Quite simply, I have a built in, infallible bull-shit detector (gift from my dear ol' Dad.) I keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and observe what works for our country, and that is conservative ideals: hard work, personal responsibility, small government, fiscal restraint, honor, and duty to family and country. I also see what weakens our country: heavy taxation and redistribution, entitlements for non-producers, disdain for America and an increasingly flexible sense of right and wrong. Granted, as a songwriter, I have many lib associates whose wacky socialist views I endure, but I'll be damned if I'll have them anywhere near government or policy making. America did not exude from the ethereal herbal vapors of some drug inspired utopian manifesto, but was built purposefully upon solid ground by brilliant, brave, sober, God-fearing conservatives. About this song Obama No Merci Beaucoup. You may recall a month or so ago Mr. Obama bemoaning the dearth of mulit-lingual Americans whom, when traveling abroad, could but manage to mutter a paltry "merci beaucoup" (thankyou very much.) Hence the song title Obama No Merci Beaucoup (Obama, no thankyou very much.) If I were rich I would flood the media with independent anti-Obama ads. If I were a Hollywood actor I would defy those lame-brains and expose Mr. Obama's socialist nature before God and David Letterman. But alas, I am but a poor songwriter living in the sticks. We do what we can. I think you will find Obama No Merci Beaucoup hard hitting but fair. There are no cheap-shots. The lyrics are based on actual statements he has made, actions he has taken, and his published agenda. Pass it on to your conservative friends to rally them and any libs you may know to throw them off their game a bit. Download it, burn copies if you like, learn it and sing it. If we succeed in securing Mr Obama's defeat in November, we'll dance to it. Your most humble servant, Poor James

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

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Close the Markets! The Democrats Are Coming! The Democrats Are Coming!

Let's see, why were the Dow Jones Industrial Futures down 550 points (6.27%) overnight, just 2 1/2 hours before the market opens in New York? I started too early, the stock futures markets are not open and have been halted. Talking heads will point to the sell off in Asia, lead by Sony of Japan, however some of us understand that one of the major influences for the stock market is the future, and what a future the Democrats have planned for us.

Just yesterday Henry Waxman (D-Ca) chaired a hearing in which he and his fellow imbecilic Democratic knaves grilled numerous past and current federal money men. Let's face it, in January 2007 the Democrat Party installed as House leaders the same old people who do not understand the basics of capitalism. Henry Waxman, beyond being one of the creepiest looking men on the planet is a bully (see: mental problems) who uses his hearings to bludgeon his intellectual betters with his bullying propaganda. How do you think traders overseas saw the spectacle of a man who looks like he is dressed up as Porky Pig on Halloween verbally abusing the men whom this nation is relying on to guide us through this mess? As an aside, Allen Greenspan's appearance was a disgrace and reminds us why Greenspan Econometrics gave a thumbs-up, a-okay to Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings and Loan months before its catastrophic collapse. Mr. Greenspan lead a monetary expansion that is one of the root causes (along with the Democrats and their Fannie Mae scams) of the crisis that we are now experiencing.

Barack Obama has spent over twenty months on the campaign trail and years before that insisting that America is involved in too much trade and that tax rates are too low, today he is claiming that he will "lower your taxes" as long as you don't make too much. Barack Obama has said that he will further raise: capital gains taxes, dividend taxes (screwing Joe the Plumber if some future business of his is organized as an S-Corp.) and overall tax rates. And Obama is just starting, remember that he is not a wonk like Clinton. Add to that the fact that the Democrats are now talking about getting rid of your 401Ks and absorbing those funds into the Social Security system. Early in the first Clinton administration there was a suggestion (later shot down) to impose a "one-time" 20% tax on all IRAs and 401Ks. They want your wealth.

The markets are facing it you might as well do the same, the Democrats want to take your money. The Democrats will not even consider a trade pact with our allies in Columbia as they fight against narco-communists over control of that nation. Why are the Democrats allied with today's Colombian Drug Kings? Add to that the fact that Obama has been involved in ACORN which has recently been outed to the larger public as a vote fraud and mortgage fraud organization, further Obama is breaking all sorts of campaign finance laws, even stooping to credit card fraud, further Obama and his minions have been involved in voter intimidation using gangbangers and thugs, Obama has been involved in voter intimidation that uses silk-stockinged lawyers pleading to the Justice Department to end others political free speech, Obama has urged his followers to stifle the free speech of voters, Obama has voted to force certain bloggers to register with the federal government under threat of prison. The Democrat Party has become no friend of freedom and they are no friend of yours. Barack Obama has never been a friend of freedom.

As of 8:07 AM CDT the Dow Jones 30 futures are offered at their locked (temporary?) limit of 8224. Lord save us from the ideas of our Democrat neighbors. Let's just hope that our markets are sturdier than they were in 1914.

8:32 - The stock market is open and the Dow Jones futures are down 603 points. Good luck today.

8:36 - Market stabilizing in the 400+ lower area. Art Cashin is saying that Monday, the last Monday of October is the most likely day for a large (1000-2000 point and may I add 2500-3000 point) drop.

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A Serious Take on Bill Ayers

 Here is a very serious take on Bill Ayers, when Glen Reynolds wrote about seeing this clip he mentioned Pol Pot. I had the same reaction. Re-education camps were used by the Communist North Vietnamese and the Communist Cambodian government of the murderous Pol Pot. It is interesting that Ayers and his pals were calmly discussing mass murder as other communists, a world away were carrying out mass murders in the name of their shared ideology at nearly the same time. Very interesting. 

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Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and the Hippie Charge

 The Bill Ayers issue should be over his educational ideas, ideas that Barack Obama helped to initiate here in Chicago. Those ideas failed. Well the Red State Update guys think that they have found the problem with Bill Ayers, he's a hippie.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Democrats In Virginia Attempt to Steal Military Votes

 The Registrar of Fairfax, Co. Virginia is rejecting some military ballots over a technicality that was inserted in a 2002 law. I am not a lawyer but I seem to recall there being some similar issue during the Florida recount of 2000 and the federal ruling even referenced an earlier attempt by the state of Florida to disenfranchise overseas military voters over technicalities. Hang on people, this one could get bumpy.

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Obama Inspired Violence - Update - Update III - Pittsburgh Fake, Milwaukee Not

Well a woman was assaulted in Pittsburgh by, get this, an armed robber (nice friends you got there Barack) who noticed that she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. It sounds strange and there is no video but the Pittsburgh Police are treating it as legit, plus the girl is pretty beat up*. Then there is the guy who was assaulted in Milwaukee last Saturday night with fists, bricks and a .38 handgun because he was holding a McCain/Palin sign. Maybe Obama could go tell the Marquette students who were assaulted by his supporters that they would be better off with him as President because an Obama administration would outlaw all handguns. In the meantime big media has been peddling bogus stories concerning threats allegedly yelled from the crowd at a McCain rally in Scranton. I am concerned about what would happen in the event of an Obama loss, as are the nation's Police Departments. I would think that many of my neighbors believe that our city and neighborhood would be protected from any violence. I seem to remember liberals moaning after 9/11 that New York City voted for Al Gore, lot of good it did them.

Update: The Gateway Pundit has much more.
Update II: TMZ is reporting that the Pittsburgh Police is getting skeptical. There have been arrests in the Milwaukee case.
Update III: Pittsburgh Police say it was a fake, nice shiner though. The girl has problems. No Change in the Milwaukee case.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Stop Obama Tour Dares to Appear In Chicago Area

They won't be downtown in Grant Park but they will be in North Suburban Crystal Lake today. The Stop Obama Tour will appear at the Illinois Republican Headquarters on Northwest Highway at 5:30 PM before they head on up to Madison and Milwaukee.

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Obama to Charge Press for Political Rally in Grant Park

On election night Barack Obama will hold a rally in Chicago's Grant Park which is on the shore of Lake Michigan just north of Soldier Field and west of the Loop. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times has reported on her blog that the Obama campaign will charge news outlets for access into the event. Taxes in Chicago have done nothing but explode and now the Obama campaign will charge news outlets for the pleasure of covering this final campaign rally in a Chicago Public Park. All I want to know is, where's my check!?

On the flip side, Obama has been treating the press as "his bitches" for over four years now, so why stop now? The press seems to like it. Besides there will be no charge for the "General Press Area" including the bike racks. Well it is good of them to not rent out the city bike racks that are all over the place. Considering that I can see Grant Park from our office and the view will likely be better than from the "General Press Area" maybe we should rent it out to one of the networks.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Iranian "Spy Pigeon" Nailed Over Chicago's Loop - Warning - Bloody Photo

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris - The body of the decapitated camera-equipped Iranian Spy Pigeon that was taken down over Chicago's South Loop early this morning by Frankie the Falcon, a highly decorated Peregrine Falcon who was on patrol last night. Homeland Security has taken the camera and Frankie was last heard squawking "it's falafels and bubbly up on the AON Building tonight baby!"

Following on the heals of "spy pigeons" found flying over Iranian nuclear installations, downtown Chicago experienced it's own "spy pigeon" scare early this morning when overnight "Guard Falcon" Frankie brought down a suspected Iranian "spy pigeon" over the South Loop, the pigeon was found on a ledge outside of the 41st floor of the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Frankie, one of Chicago's Finest Peregrines was not available for comment however a spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Office of Internal Affairs said that initial reports are that the take down followed department regulations. The spokeswoman also said that the "spy pigeon" was equipped with a "teeny-tiny camera" that transmitted to a taxi following the pigeon through the streets below, the Spokeswoman helpfully explained that "a cab is the only vehicle that could drive like that without raising suspicions."

Warning: the above is satire directed at the Iranian regime, the Gateway Pundit has the story of the Iranian regime claiming to have captured "spy pigeons."

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I'm Sarah Palin and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow"

Well, at least she got in the last word.

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Obama's Spreading of the Wealth - A Real World Contagion

Here is a real world example of the effect of the Obama tax plan. One of my business partners has a friend who owns a machine shop in the Joliet area that employs about forty people, when the economy slows he has found it better business to find work for his employees who would otherwise be idled by a slowdown. In other words he would lower, sometimes dramatically his profit on jobs that he bid and he would go after smaller jobs than normal in order to keep his workforce together and active. If the Obama tax plans go through the incentive for this man to continue doing this is greatly diminished, he is after all doing more work, spending more of his own time and taking on more risk with each additional machining job.

If Obama's plans are enacted he would not only pay higher Federal Income taxes but dramatically higher FICA taxes on each extra dollar he earns. He has done the math and as his business is going today he would lay off 25% of his workforce under Obama's more repressive tax program, that is ten people. Those ten people would not be paying taxes locally or federally, they would likely draw unemployment and possibly welfare, they would be spending less in our economy. Further this man's business would not be doing those small lot jobs at discounted prices for other small businesses, further spreading this high-tax-induced contagion to other small businesses and their employees. Barack Obama's plans would spread poverty rather than wealth.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mission Impossible: Chicago Media To Report on Obama?

Scene: Lower Michigan Avenue outside of the famed Billy Goat Tavern (or the Silly Goat for all of you Brenda Star readers) on a dark, foggy Chicago night, a man clad in a faux Burberry trench coat kicks aside a rat with one jet black Adidas Masterpiece while crushing out a cigarette butt with the other, he reaches behind a dank dumpster to extract a shiny aluminum Zero Halliburton briefcase which he deftly lays on the hood of his primer gray 1986 Chevrolet Caprice. The briefcase is empty save a pristine 1980 Sony CFM-33 Cassette player, the man in the trench coat presses the PLAY button.

Sony CFM-33: Good evening Mr. Media, I hope that this message finds you both sober and well. You and your Media Cohorts in Chicago and elsewhere have dug into the life of an American Citizen from Toledo, Ohio known as Joe the Plumber for the simple reason that he asked a reasonable question of your fellow Chicagoan and hometown favorite Mr. Obama. Mr. Plumber was doing the job that you and your Media cohorts have avoided for at least 22 months. Your mission, should you decide to accept it is as follows:

Do your job. Yes Mr. Media I am not asking much of you and your fellow ink-stained wretches, I am simply asking you to do your job. Should you accept this mission you will travel all of 1 mile 4, 789 feet from the end bar stool at the Billy Goat to the Richard J Daley Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. When you arrive you will investigate and honestly write about Mr. Obama's only executive experience at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In the mean time you can have that bubble-headed girl who is your "intern" pull up all of the Annenberg articles that your paper wrote during the Challenge's existence.

Because you have acted as if you have no idea where those records are located, here are your directions: take this street, Lower Michigan Avenue south over the bridge to Lower Wacker Drive and take a right, follow Lower Wacker in the right lane to the end at the I-290 West on-ramp, take that and stay on your right, when you get back over the river stay in the right lane and get off on the I-90/94 Exit and take the I-90/94 East Dan Ryan exit on your left, take the Dan Ryan about a half of a mile and get off at Taylor Street West, take Taylor Street to Morgan Street, take a right and find a place to park. The Richard J Daley Memorial Library will be on your right, you can't miss it.

At less than four miles round trip there will be no mileage allowance.

Good luck Mr. Media. This tape will self-destruct in 12 seconds, ten, nine, eight, seven...

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Senior Advisor Does Not Understand Income

This is no surprise but it is further evidence of either the utter dishonesty of the Obama campaign or their utter lack of real world knowledge. Stephanie Cutter, a "Senior Obama Advsor" was just on FOX News trying to explain the Obama campaign's recent idea to attack an American citizen with the temerity to ask Obama a serious question. In her FOX interview Cutter was asked whether each dollar that Joe the Plumber makes over $250,000 would be taxed at a new, higher rate? Cutter's response was (paraphrased) "no, Barack wants to lower taxes for small businesses, and he will pay a lower capital gains rate so his taxes won't go up." Now in all fairness to Ms. Cutter her boss Senator Obama has been saying much the same thing.

There are some big problems with all this, for starters the only "capital gains" that Joe the Plumber would declare would be from the sale of all or part of his business. Furthermore, as I am sure Mr. Obama knows, most small businesses are set up as an "S-Corporation". The business files a return, form 1120S with the profit being declared on the owner's form 1040 (line 17). In addition to being dishonest on the subject it should be noted that during the past decade small businesses that file as S-Corporations have been very important job creators. Obama wants to pluck the geese that have been laying the golden eggs in our society.

Good Lord, Mort Kondracke just said the same thing concerning capital gains, business income is not a capital gain.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Even CNN Comments on Lake County, Indiana Vote Fraud by ACORN

Flying Debris commented twice last week on the subject of criminal vote fraud in Lake County, Indiana and the efforts of the Democratic Party allied group ACORN to register thousands of fraudulent voters. During last spring's primary Lake County also had people bused in from other locales, voter intimidation from gangbangers and the county's vote totals were turned in hours after the rest of the state. CNN commented on the ACORN angle of the efforts to steal the election in Indiana just today:

It is also worth notint that Barack Obama has worked for ACORN.

Hat Tip: JamieWeartingFool

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Gary, Indiana - One Vote Over the Line for Obama Campaign - UPDATE - Las Vegas!

We should consider this a warning, there will be election problems in Lake County, Indiana. Laura Washington, the Sun Times columnist, De Paul prof and former In These Times editor wrote another of her election roundups and as usual it is informative, especially the section concerning Gary, Indiana. That is Gary of Lake County, Indiana, the same Lake County that is having such big problems with fraudulent voter registrations and the same Lake County that Flying Debris commented on here just two days ago:

Barack Obama's former employer, ACORN (where he was a "community organizer") has just turned in thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Lake County, Indiana. This follows reports from the primary that Chicagoans were attempting to vote in Lake County and that people were bused in from elsewhere, that students were taken out of school and bused to polling places. A documentary concerning fraud in this year's Democratic Caucuses even examined polling in Lake County, among other things they found gang intimidation (starting at 4:00 minutes) in Lake County. The first linked article mentions that telephone lines at the ACORN offices in Gary, Milwaukee and Chicago were reported to be disconnected, here is what I found: the Gary office has an anonymous recorded message voice mail that appears to be from their telephone service company, the Milwaukee line has been disconnected and the Chicago line appears to be up but the nested menu often reconnects to itself. This is more of the hopeful Chicago politics that the Obama campaign is bringing to America, this is Democratic "reform."

Washington's Sun Times column covers a number of issues but here are the relevant paragraphs (emphasis mine):

On Nov. 4, Gary, Ind., could end up as ground zero of the political universe. Indiana was the firewall state in the 2008 Democratic primary season. Hillary Clinton won that battle, but lost the war.

Rudy Clay, the flamboyant and pertinacious Gary mayor, was the star of that drama. Although Clinton prevailed in the May 6 primary, the returns from Clay's stomping grounds came in so late that Clinton was denied a victory speech in prime time. Clinton supporters accused Clay of sabotaging the counting.

Clay claims the process was slowed by a deluge of early-voting ballots. "We were not doing that on purpose," he told me the other day. "It just looked that way." I could almost see his grin over the phone.

Once again Indiana is hotly contested territory, and Gary could be pivotal.

"No Democrat has ever won the state of Indiana without winning Gary. We are not going to break precedent now," Clay proclaimed.

His voters will bring it in for Obama because they know how to count, Clay added.

"We are spending $10 [billion] to $12 billion a month in Iraq, and in Gary we can't get $12 to fix a pothole."

State Sen. Earline Rogers, a lead coordinator of the get-out-the vote effort, is also counting -- and confident. The Gary native has served in the Indiana legislature for 26 years.

"We are trying to be extremely careful," she said, "because the rest of the state looks at us as sort of the 'Cook County of Indiana.' " (Senator, nice try, but don't even think about snatching that esteemed title away from us.)

Obama lost the Indiana primary by about 14,000 votes. Rogers calculates that 19,000 registered Gary voters did not show up at the polls in May. "We can make up that difference," she said.

We should all be worried about vote fraud in Gary and elsewhere in Lake County, Indiana. This is the new kind of politics? This is the change we've been waiting for? These are the people we've been waiting for?

UPDATE: The ACORN office in Las Vegas has been raided by Nevada State officials today! The Gateway Pundit has the story!

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama Gets Campaign Cash From Gaza - II

This post was initially posted on August 5. In light of the Republican National Committee's charges of illegal campaign fund raising by the Obama campaign this is a good time to take another look at some more Obama illegal fund raising.

As far as we know Obama has not taken illegal campaign cash from monks like Al Gore did a dozen years ago but the Obama campaign is taking illegal campaign donations from non-citizens living in the Gaza Strip. Atlas Shrugged has had the story on last fall's donations by the Edwan brothers who listed their state as GA and their Zip Code as 972, GA is the Gaza Strip and 972 is in Israel. Federal campaign regulations require donors to be American citizens and those regulations limit donations to $2,300 per person.

The Gaza Strip address that the brothers used should have been the first tip for the Obama campaign but what the heck, they took $24,321.41 from one brother and $5,200.13 from the other. That number brings up something interesting, why are the totals not some simple large round numbers? In this World Net Daily interview Monir Edwan claimed that he and his brother bought tee-shirts from the Obama site but he claimed to have made a profit selling the shirts at less than half the price charged on the Obama site and claimed to have received the shirts during an Israeli crackdown on the Gaza Strip. It sounds as if the tee shirt story is a lie and the WND reporter pretty much shreds it. So it is likely that the brothers made their donations on a credit card of a round number in a foreign currency, it is unlikely that they randomly chose that donation level in American dollars. Did the Obama campaign offer donation levels in foreign currencies?

This clearly illegal fund raising is in addition to the illegal fund raising raffle that they reworked as a bait & switch to pass the test of legality.

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Obama Campaign Still Illegally Using Boy Scout Name and Logo - II

This was originally posted on August 25 and then again on September 4. In light of reports that the Republican National Committee will file a complaint with the FEC concerning illegal fund raising by the Obama campaign (and good luck with that guys) it seems appropriate to try to inform people that the My Barack Obama website is blatantly breaking the law by using the Boy Scout logo in their fund raising.

Well, they just can't help themselves anymore. The official My Barack Obama web site, now featuring Joe Biden is hosting another problematic web page sponsored by Obama supporters. This one, "Boy Scouts for Barack Obama" is illegally using the Boy Scout logo and name and it is inappropriately using the Boy Scouts of America to promote a political candidate. The group also has some issues with the language, this is their Group Profile: "We are Boy scouts that want to use our rights to make this country a better place." On the other hand the Profile may just be living down to the pejorative "Obamabots."

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) web site is pretty clear on the use of the BSA logo and image:

Please note that in 1916, in order to protect the proprietary marks of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the U.S. Congress granted the BSA a federal charter (36 USC § 21 et. seq.), which gives the BSA "the exclusive right to use emblems, badges, descriptive or designating marks, and words and phrases [the BSA] adopts."

In effect, almost any logo or symbol that reasonably relates to the Boy Scouts of America or its program is protected. Accordingly, anyone seeking to use any symbols, words, or phrases that might reasonably be related to the BSA and its programs should contact the Boy Scouts of America Legal Department...

Interestingly Troop 632 in Pensacola, Florida had to issue a reminder to their Scouts on the subject of "uniforming", particularly at political events. It seems that during the 2006 campaign President Bush spoke at a rally in Pensacola that was attended by some Boy Scouts in uniform and as Kim Sheldon, the District Executive wrote, "(u)nfortunately, some of the public observing the media coverage perceived this to be a partisan demonstration by the Boy Scouts for the Republican political candidates President Bush was there to promote." In a summary of BSA rules and practices Sheldon wrote, "Scout uniforms shall not be worn to political events or rallies, protests or demonstrations where its appearance could reasonably be used to imply BSA support for a particular political cause or candidate."

So just two short years ago members of the Democratic Party whined and complained about a few Boy Scouts who wore their uniforms to an event featuring the President of the United States, today the Democrats illegally use the Boy Scout logo and name in an attempt to elect Barack Obama President of the United States. According to the My Barack Obama web site this group of 240 "Boy Scouts" has made 3,721 phone calls, they have yet to knock on any doors and they have raised $9,642.40. This Ladies and Gentleman is not what Scouting is about, this is Chicago politics, plain and simple. Get used to it, the election is still 70 days away.

The folks at reported on this issue last month and My Barack Obama continues to host Boy Scouts for Barack Obama. The always prepared Boy Scouts do have this helpful line on the BSA web site: "If you are aware of the unauthorized use of these trademarks, please contact the BSA immediately by linking to Use Form."

I should give thanks to commenter fgfm who got me on the trail of whether or not McCain was ever a Boy Scout, he apparently wasn't. However I did stumble across the previously linked post on Boy and Girl that discusses Obama and McCain on volunteering and it also discusses the Obama campaign's use of the Boy Scout name and insignia. Thanks fgfm.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Democratic and ACORN Vote Fraud in Lake County, Indiana - Community Organizers At Work!

Barack Obama's former employer, ACORN (where he was a "community organizer") has just turned in thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Lake County, Indiana. This follows reports from the primary that Chicagoans were attempting to vote in Lake County and that people were bused in from elsewhere, that students were taken out of school and bused to polling places. A documentary concerning fraud in this year's Democratic Caucuses even examined polling in Lake County, among other things they found gang intimidation (starting at 4:00 minutes) in Lake County. The first linked article mentions that telephone lines at the ACORN offices in Gary, Milwaukee and Chicago were reported to be disconnected, here is what I found: the Gary office has an anonymous recorded message voice mail that appears to be from their telephone service company, the Milwaukee line has been disconnected and the Chicago line appears to be up but the nested menu often reconnects to itself. This is more of the hopeful Chicago politics that the Obama campaign is bringing to America, this is Democratic "reform."

Flying Debris previously commented on Lake County fraud here.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs' LinkViewer

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Barney Frank's Ex-Boyfriend Was Fannie Mae Bigshot

It just keeps getting worse for the Democrats. First the raft of videos showing the Democrats in bed with Fannie Mae while defending Fannie taking on more and more soon to be toxic loans, now we have news that the Democratic leader of the House Banking Committee was sleeping with the Fannie Mae Assistant Director for Product Initiatives. Talk about cozy. Barney Frank and Herb Moses broke up after ten years in 1998 soon after Moses left Fannie where according to National Mortgage News he "helped develop many of Fannie Mae’s affordable housing and home improvement lending programs."

That's great, the guy who still helps oversee the programs of Fannie Mae was sleeping with the man who helped design the programs that are now costing America billions of dollars, and when the designer of those programs left his job he and the overseer broke up. Let me be clear, I do not care who Rep. Frank is sleeping with, however I do think that Barnie Frank should keep his bedroom out of the national treasury and our wallets. Before Rep. Frank met Mr. Moses he infamously dated Stephen Gobie, Mr. Gobie ran a prostitution service out of Rep. Frank's Georgetown condo. In more rational times Rep. Frank would be kept far, far away from any serious decision making.

Hat Tip: Jamie Wearing Fool

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rep. Mark Kirk is One of the Smartest Members of the House

That's what Fred Barnes just stated on Brit Hume's show. He listed a few members whom he considered the smartest members of the House, the list was short and it included Mark. Congratulations to Rep. Mark Kirk of the Illinois 10th Congressional District. It is nice to see that others are realizing what those of us who have known Mark have known for years, he's a pretty sharp guy.

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